Freedom: The Independent Freelancer

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With it being the 4th of July, I am feeling a huge satisfaction in freedom.

Yes, the freedom granted us in 1776, but also the freedom I gained when I made the choice to work as a full-time independent freelancer.

But, is the freedom I have right for you?

There are certain aspects of this freedom that you may discover don’t make it seem free. But no career is completely free, but what I love about being an independent freelancer boils down to several things:

Anywhere at Anytime

The freedom I have as an independent freelancer states that I do not have to commute to a factory or office. I also can choose the hours I want to work.

As long as I have my laptop and an internet connection, I can perform the work I chose as a profession. So if I want to go sit at a Starbucks in Somalia (is there a Starbucks there?), I can. If I want to get up at 2:00 AM to write my next military article, I can.

I can say no

Try to tell your shop foreman no when he asks you to perform a difficult task; you probably will be seeking new employment.

With my freedom as an independent freelancer, I can say no. If I don’t like the job or feel uncomfortable with the morality behind a job, all I have to do is say no thank you.

Freedom for family

With a 9 to 5 job, it can be difficult to have that quality time with family and friends. I now have more of that time.

Up, Up and Away

No more requesting raises or promotions. I can raise my rates as I deem the need. The future is much brighter with this independent freelancer freedom I have chosen.

Freedom doesn’t mean…

If we want success as freelancers, we must not take our freedom for granted (sounds like a typical 4th of July saying).

We must adhere to some basic principals to have success with our independent freelancing choice:

  • We must be deadline conscious. If we are not able to meet deadlines, we will lose our freedom.

  • We must be decisive. Perfection can be a fault in freelancing. While we want our work to be perfect, it will never happen. Go with your gut and send the best you have.

  • We must be good at managing money. Independent freelancing can be similar to a roller-coaster ride with finances. There will be good and bad times. Managing your money properly can help you through the rough spots.

  • We must sell. That is right! Selling is a part of the freelance profession. You have to sell yourself and your talents.

  • We must communicate. Communication is a name of the game in freelancing. You must know how, when and who to communicate with.

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Happy Freedom Day!

I hope you enjoy your freedom as much as I do!

Happy 4th of July and may the Freedom of Freelancing come good to you!

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