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Reviewing ContentMart

As a freelance writer and a person managing 2 websites, I know that the content within those websites is ultra-important. I need a ContentMart to keep up.

I recently happened upon a website that is beneficial for website owners, blog managers as well as freelancers looking to build their reputation and portfolio.

The name of this website is ContentMart

ContentMart is an India based content provider system. I studied their reputation and found great reviews from both clients and freelancers, so you can feel safe using their services.

The advantages in using ContentMart for the material you need on your website or blog are immense.

  • You have access to thousands of freelance writers

  • Writers have been pre-qualified in English, as well as other languages. This process is strict, as we only accept the best of the best.

  • You can choose the freelancer based on price and quality. You simply develop a proposal and freelancers in the ContentMart system will make an offer; you can then choose the freelance writer you want.

  • The writer sends the content and you can choose to accept it, have it edited or even decline it and you pay nothing for it.

  • You pay the freelance writer directly.

  • You do not pay ContentMart anything for the content you receive from their freelancers. ContentMart makes a 10% commission when the writer withdraws their earnings.

  • Deadlines that are followed religiously.

It does make good sense to utilize ContentMart for the content you need. The professional writers at ContentMart can provide:

  • Product descriptions.

  • Website content from home page to privacy policies, and more.

  • Content that is SEO friendly with keywords and phrases where you need them.

  • Blog posts and articles.

  • Press releases.

  • Comments and testimonials.

  • Brochure content.

  • Editing and rewriting past content.

Risk Free

If you need content, it makes good sense to create an account at ContentMart. You are free of risk because there is a 100% guarantee that you like the content, or you pay nothing.

You can create a client account here.

ContentMart is also seeking professional freelance writers

Whether you have been a freelance copywriter for a long time, or you are just beginning, ContentMart has a place for your talents and abilities.

You will be given an English test so they can understand you level of expertise.

There is no more writing for inadequate pay. You choose your bid, and the client chooses the writer and bid that best suits their needs.

By working through ContentMart, you can build a reputation. Clients leave testimonials, and you can develop a network of clients that strictly use your writing services. It is a win-win situation for both you and the clients.

Another advantage in freelance writing through ContentMart is the protection you have. No more having your content stolen without payment. The content is yours until the client pays for it; at that point, you are giving the rights to use that content to the client while you receive the money you desired for the material provided.

Just as clients are in a risk-free environment at ContentMart, so are the freelance writers. You bid your price and the deadline you can meet. If the client accepts, you are on the road to freelance success.

With ContentMart, you have the clients at one location instead of having to search multiple places to find customers for your freelance business.

You can sign up to become a freelance writer at Content-Mart here.

How does ContentMart make money?

You may be wondering how ContentMart is able to operate this sophisticated system and make money doing so.

When ContentMart freelance writers decide to withdraw their earnings, ContentMart is given 10% of the amount.

ContentMart explains this up-front to the writers so they make their bids accordingly.

Again, it is a winning situation for both clients and freelancers.

I highly recommend ContentMart as your content resource. You will not be disappointed!

ContentMart gets 5 out of 5 stars from LancerLife.

Visit the Content-Mart website here.

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