16 resources to build a website

Build Your Freelance Website With These 16 Resources

I was recently contacted by a professional website designer who also shares his knowledge with us website building amateurs.

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Robert Mening owns and manages WebsiteSetup.org, and he shared a case study he recently performed that was quite enlightening. I suggest you take a look: Website Builders? I signed up with them, here’s what I found out..

Satori Studio offers another take on this issue, providing, in addition to a comparative analysis, an interactive tool (a “wizard”, as they call it) that is meant to help anyone choose the most suitable website builder.

And, I was recently in contact with the good folks over at Authority Hacker. They put together a list using a highly scientific approach. Check out their article showing the best WordPress Page Builder.

Every freelancer should have their own website. But, many of us do not want to splurge to have someone else build it for us. I have found 16 resources for building your freelance website. Scroll down and see if they can help you.

16 Resources to Build Your Website

1: Wix

This was the top website builder Robert listed and tried. With the cheapest package at $9.25 per month, he discovered no downtime and an easy to use website builder.

Build your website with Wix by clicking here.

2: SumoMe

SumoMe has a wide range of tools after you have your website up to drive traffic to it and to build an email list. I personally use the SumoMe WordPress plugin here at LancerLife and I have had great results.

I suggest you visit the SumoMe website here.

3: W3Schools

This is a free resource where you can learn coding that you will need in your website design. They have taught some of the hardest learning people.

Visit W3Schools here.

4: 99Designs

When you need logos or backgrounds for your website, you can find many freelancers at 99Designs who are willing to provide them at reasonable prices.

You can visit the website here.

5: BoldGrid

Here is another top choice from Robert in the line of website builders. Looking at Robert’s review, he said the learning curve was slightly difficult, but it was the cheapest, and works great. If you can pick up the learning part, I highly suggest BoldGrid.

Visit their site here.

6: Pop Up Ally

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One of the primary things you want to do with your website is to build an email list. I highly suggest PopUpAlly, as these are pop-ups that do not piss off your visitors.

PopupAlly is the simple to implement popup that doubles your list without annoying visitors:

Visit it here.

7: Google Developers

If you need to know anything about coding, why not learn from the best. Google has the best, so visit the website here.

8: SquareSpace

This is another mention from Robert Mening for great website builders. SquareSpace is somewhat on the pricey side, but you get a great system to work with.

I do freelance for one client who uses SquareSpace. I have to enter material in the system, and I must say that it is a great system.

If you want to check it out, visit this link.

9: MailChimp

When you have your website setup, you will want to regularly email your followers and subscribers. I personally use MailChimp, and I have been extremely satisfied with their service.

Visit the site here.

10: Treehouse

They can teach you all you need to know about coding and building your own website. I have heard great things about Treehouse, so visit their website here.

11: Aweber


Many of my clients use Aweber, and I have considered switching. It is an email capture and newsletter service. I have heard amazing testimonies about Aweber. You can visit their website here.

12: Mozilla Developer Network

The experts over at Mozilla can help you design your website with these outstanding lessons. Just click here.

13: BackUpWordPress

There is nothing more frustrating than to build a website and have it crash and burn. I use WordPress, and I highly recommend using this great plug-in to keep all your website files safe and secure. Even if you do not use WordPress, you need to have a program to back up your site.

You can get BackUpWordPress here.

14: Codecademy

Here is another website that offers free lessons on coding. You just simply sign up and you are on your way to learning the basics, and beyond basics of website coding.

Just follow this link.

15: Web Design Tutorials by Envato

Here are some great web design lessons by Envato…and they are free.

Just visit this link.

16: Code School

Here is another resource for learning many types of coding applications. You can create an account for free. Just go to this link.


No matter what, I suggest you have a personal website to demonstrate your freelance abilities. The 16 resources listed here can help you, and if you have any questions, I am willing to help too. Just contact me and I will help.

I also suggest you check out the reference links below, as they can help too.


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