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How To Defeat Your Biggest Freelance Competitor

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Every business has at least one competitor, and some businesses have multiple competitors. In your freelance business, have you determined who your competitors are? Who is the biggest?

The answer to that final question may surprise you.

But, before I tell you who your biggest freelance competitor is, let me first tell you why you shouldn’t worry about competition.

Why I don’t worry about my competitor

If I were to worry and stress out about competition, I wouldn’t even be writing this post. Just the realization about the overuse of keywords such as competition and competitor would have had me trying to find something that would have jumped higher in search engines.

But, I write it anyway.

Because I really don’t care if it ranks high. I just want my readers to gain some understanding and perspective as to why competition does not really matter, except defeating your biggest competitor.

The fact is: no competition in the United States is illegal. It is called a monopoly, and it is completely out-of-bounds in the business system used in the U.S.

Competition is good!

  • Pepsi against Coke

  • McDonald’s versus Burger King

  • So on and so forth.

Does Coke worry about Pepsi? I don’t think so. They are getting their piece of the pie.

Is Kentucky Fried Chicken concerned with Church’s Chicken? No! They are both making profits.

So should you be concerned with the other freelancer bidding on the same jobs you are bidding on?

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Most sport’s coaches do not concern themselves with the competition

It may seem like football, baseball, basketball and other sport’s coaches concern themselves with the competition, but the truth be told, they don’t… They focus on their team.

And that is what we need to do!

The freelancer’s biggest competitor

So now I will give you the answer to the question of who the freelancer’s biggest competitor is.

It is the person we look at in the mirror… It is me!

We are our greatest enemy and can destroy the freelance business we built, or we can build it wide and tall.

So what do we do to be our own competition?

  • Not setting goals

  • Indecision

  • Procrastination

  • Mismanaging finances

  • Mismanaging our time

And more, but I believe you see the picture.

If we focus on bettering ourselves, we become our ally instead of our enemy and biggest competitor.

So, I suggest you try doing a few things to defeat your biggest competitor:

  1. Write down your goals and objectives to reach those goals.

  2. Track your progress.

  3. Make improvements one at a time, and check the results.

  4. Focus on your clients and not on competitors.

  5. Have an accountability partner that will help keep you focused.

  6. Read books and take courses.

  7. Realize you are not inferior. You are you!

  8. Over-deliver.

  9. Offer value and do your best.

And last, but not least…Just start doing it!

Final Thoughts

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Maybe Joe, Mary, Sue or Jim won that bid, but they are not the competitor. It was you who didn’t show the client that you had what it takes, but the next prospective client will if you just show them.

Just as an example…I don’t have an English degree or magical powers to write, but I am staying quite busy and making good money. I have won bids against other freelancers who have Masters Degrees in journalism.

But how you may ask?

Because I do not concern myself with them. I am me and I write the way I write…breaking many rules of the English professors in top Universities. And, many of my clients love it.

Because I am me and I have been running circles around my biggest competitor…. ME!

You can too!

If you have any questions on how, just ask.

I won’t promise the answer you want to hear, but I do promise an answer.

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  1. We are on the same page, my friend. The only person I compete with is myself. I’ve never worried about the outside competition….never, in fact, thought of them all as competition. 🙂

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