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Where Is Greg?

Have you been curious where Greg is?

Well, I have been quite swamped with freelancing work. That is a good thing.

But my blog has suffered because of it.

So let me get you up-to-date with my work and how you can benefit.

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Greg has just published a new book that can help you

Did you see the picture? That is my newest published book.

Learn to write faster and make more money! But, you do not want to sacrifice quality. Get the book and learn how. This is the Kindle version but it is also in paperback too.

A blog post you should read

I was recently contacted by a reader of Lancerlife who shared a post on their website that I believe will be of benefit to all of you.

Thanks Kristian

QuickBooks Self-Employed: Is It Right For You?

And lastly

I have ghostwritten 1 eBook and I am in the process of doing another about Amazon FBA. If you are not familiar with FBA, it stands for fulfilled by Amazon.

I am considering jumping in on this type of business model.

I just need to imagine a product, develop a “brand” with a logo, and contact some Chinese suppliers who will ship my products to Amazon where I can sell and make profits.

What if I can buy a product for $2 and sell it for $18. And, selling 50-100 per day?

Yes, I believe I am getting FBA fever.


I have been writing regularly for my friend and client Chuck Holmes. I primarily write the posts at Part Time Commander. Click and check it out.

So, how about you?

How is your freelancing life going?

Are you busy?

Tell us all your freelance journey.

And by the way, I am still interested in guest posts – and I will pay. So send me your proposal to

Thanks for visiting.


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2 thoughts on “Where Is Greg?

  1. Hi Greg,

    I read your comments about Bill Gouldd and his return. My husband was Bill Gouldd’s Attorney . He died in a snowmobile “accident” in 1996 while on a trip to Durango, CO with Bill Gouldd. My husband was an ethical attorney. Bill Gouldd wanted my husband to become an employee and my husband refused. Bill Gouldd is pure evil.

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