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Knowing my goal to help everyday people understand how to become successful freelancers, my friend Andrew Ward over at AND CO contacted me with their latest creation.

“Hey Greg, we knew you would like to review this, so here is a free download of our latest eBook: Welcome To Your Independence.

Knowing the great work AND CO does with and for freelancers, I immediately agreed to download the book, but there was 1 question that Andrew did not answer which surprised me.

I had to email him back… “How much do I tell my readers it costs?”

I had already browsed through the great information in the book and I was flabbergasted when Andrew mailed me back that magical word – FREE.

They could have easily charged $10 for this book and had tons of sales. Simply put, this eBook was not written by 1 freelancer but is a compilation of many freelancers giving their professional advice.

The co-founder of AND CO, Marvin Strutz had this to say about Welcome To Your Independence:

We gathered valuable insights from working with thousands of freelancers. We felt almost obliged to share what we’ve learned with the community as a whole. Our Chief Operators did a tremendous job compiling everything you need to know when starting to freelance. I wish I had a handbook like this, when I started freelancing!”

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The book covers nearly everything you need to know about becoming a freelancer. It covers:

  • The freelance paperwork jungle
  • Attracting clients
  • Pricing
  • Project management
  • Brand building
  • Making freelance your primary career
  • That ugly word…taxes
  • Production
  • and more

There is no cost associated with downloading this book. All they ask is that you post to Twitter or Facebook to get your copy.

And, that is why freelancers love AND CO.

I will explain more about them, but first just click below to get your free eBook:

Give me my copy of

Welcome To Your Independence

But even if you are not on Twitter or Facebook (you should be to build your brand), you can still get the book at your email by going to this page and following the directions.

About AND CO

AND CO is a wide range service provider or freelancers. They offer:

  • Time tracking

  • Invoicing

  • Expense tracking

  • Payment acceptance

By using this service, you are working smart when it comes time to do those dreaded taxes.

I highly recommend AND CO. You can sign up or free here.

Now go enjoy and learn from your free eBook.

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