Crawling Out Of Depression

You may have wondered why no posts at Lancerlife lately.

In all honesty, I have been in a major depression. I am coming out of it now, but the pain will never leave.

It is not a self-made depression, but a tragedy that I never saw coming. I will not go into deep detail, but I will say that my 29 year old daughter was found in terrible condition in St Charles county, Missouri where she lived. She was pronounced dead on October 30th.

How did I find out?

The roommate of my daughter contacted me through this website.

I have so many suspicions and we are awaiting a report from th

Rest In Peace Amy Jo Boudonck

e coroner.

This is quite hard to write and I feel tears wanting to come again.

I had to take a break from my freelancing career to fly from Puerto Rico to my son’s home in Chicago where we traveled to Lebanon, Missouri to bury Amy near her Mother.


I want to thank all my clients for being so understanding and I also want to thank all who have prayed and offered support.

I will try to catch up and provide more posts here, but first things first…My clients.


Amy Jo if you can read his where you are… Daddy loves you and will miss you. May you rest in peace and hold Jonda and Jonathan.

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