Words: They Can Make Or Break Sales

What is he or she has that I don’t?

Why are they getting sales and I am using the same system and getting nothing?

Sales are your lifeblood

There can be a variety of reasons that sales are not flowing for you and they are for others. Sometimes it may be your attitude. It could be your level of confidence. Or you may be coming across desperate.

But a common reason that sales are made by some and not others is simply the words they use.

You could take twins dressed exactly the same and give them both a mission to sell products in a certain area of town. One may sell their products quickly and the other twin may struggle, and it could very well just come down to the words they use.

Power words in sales

We have discovered there are words hat naturally attract people. Here is a list of Power Words you may want to consider integrating into your marketing and sales pitches.

Try using these:

  • You – The conversation should always be focused on the prospect – You will, you need, etc…
  • Free – The word free is an amazing word.
  • Value – Never use the word price but use the word value.
  • Amazing
  • Easy
  • Discover – You will discover the amazing value and easy usage when you grab (product).
  • Act now!
  • New
  • Save
  • Proven
  • Safe
  • Effective
  • Powerful
  • Secret – Everyone loves to learn a secret.
  • Elite
  • Bargain

Some word tricks

Years ago, I was a top telemarketer.

I am not “blowing my own horn,” but I will say that I learned some key tricks with words that made a huge difference.

When we are born, we are told what to do. People have a natural sense of wanting to be told what to do instead of being asked. As long as the person telling does so in a respectable way, a large percentage of people will go along. They do not want to make decisions… They want you o make the decision for them.

When wanting to find out the person’s position, it is better to say “You are the head of household,” instead of “Are you the head of household?”

Instead of asking “Will you buy this today,” use “You want this today, right?”

Another wise set of words is “Thank you,” instead of “I appreciate.” Also “Your welcome” is much better than “No problem.”

Reviewing some affiliates

I am affiliated with various companies.

I have decided to take a look at some of these affiliate’s marketing ads and give my opinion whether the words used are strong or weak.

Strikingly - Best website builder for the mobile age

Using that great word free, Strikingly entices you to enter without having any idea what it is about.

Christmas Gifts - SunJack.com

10% off what? While this company is great, I believe they do need to work on their marketing message.

Reliable and global are 2 good words. Do you feel the excitement that you can get a ride from Blacklane?

Fly away this Chinese New Year and get $30* off on flights. Book Now!

If you are planning on going to China, this does seem like a good marketing ploy. Save is the key word here.

Final Thoughts

There are good words and bad words when attempting to sell.

Just one word or phrase can make or break your sales.

With that, here are a few phrases you may want to use in your own way:

  • Here is a secret tip
  • No obligation
  • Pay nothing
  • Before they are gone
  • Special offer

I suggest you use empathy. Put yourself in the place of the customer. Would you be enticed to buy with the words you are using?

If you have any questions or other tips about words to use in sales copy, please post them below.

Thank you.

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