Steps I Used For Success At Freelance Writing

What is freelance writing success?

Wow, I just watched the short intro video I made and I have suddenly realized I am getting old. But does age stop a person? Does it slow a person down?

Not this guy!

I have shared the story as to how I started into freelancing, but I have never shared the complete steps I used to get to the success level I am at.

And yes, I believe I am a success, but not to the point of laying back. Because I believe success can be swooped out from under us at any moment.

I deem freelance writing success as a point where I have multiple clients and I am bringing in a good level of money. I won’t tell you what that level is, but I can tell you that if I desire, I can eat steak instead of hamburger.

So how did I get here?

My first step was to find a venue where I could write. It wasn’t about money at first, but I discovered I could make a couple of dollars at several mass content websites, with my top choice being Hubpages.

I loved the format at Hubpages… at one time, but they have instituted many changes and I seldom write there anymore, but I still have well over 400 articles on the website and it brings in a little spare change once in awhile.

And, that is what I suggest you do.

You need to practice and I recommend signing up at this link:

Another place you can do this at is called Niume, and I like it a lot. Sign up at this link:

I just started building my writing reputation and gaining a following.

Next freelance writing success step

From there, I decided I wanted to make some more money and I had heard of websites that you could sign up for and write requested material and get paid for it. While the pay was not fantastic, it helped buy milk and eggs.

2 of the primary websites I did that at were:

  1. Textbrokers
  2. and Zerys

As I received good reviews for the material I wrote, I realized that I could do better. I started seeking mentors and found several freelance writing mentors who told me I was working too cheap.

Another money making ploy

In these steps at one point, I realized that I could write books and self-publish. I now have over 50 books published and this brings in some royalties too.

I really need to get to work on another book if I can make the time.

You can see and purchase some of my books below.

Next step on my freelance writing success journey

My next step was to sign up at a website called Elance where I could bid on freelance writing jobs.

I started getting several jobs through that site and I realized that I could make good money doing freelance writing.

Elance has since integrated with another system and the site is called Upwork.

I still bid on jobs there from time to time, but they take a rather large percentage that I went the next step.

Freelance writing success means having your own website

It is through this website that I invested in that I have gained some great clientele.

It is an investment, but it is well worth it.

At this point, I have several clients that are keeping me quite busy. As a matter of fact, as soon as I am done with this blog, I need to complete a project for one of my clients.

And, to give them some of the credit for my freelance writing success, let me share some client websites with you:

Final Thoughts

Those were the steps I have taken to get to the freelance writing success I am at now.

Maybe it can give you an idea how to plan your freelance career.

You can get more tips by subscribing and getting my free ebook.

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