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15 Tips On Getting Blog Visitors To Actually Read Your Post

tips to get them to read me

It can be frustrating when you see people visit your high-quality blog post only to find they stayed 30, 60 or just 90 seconds. Nobody can read that fast… Can they?

As writers and bloggers, we all can face this issue.

It sometimes seems that blog posts I assumed would not get readers do and blog posts I worked hard to make sure the readers enjoyed it are bypassed.

But, I am learning and you can come along on this educational journey.

I am providing 15 tips to get blog visitors to actually stay and read your post.

Read me please tip #1: Share on social media

When I say share it on social media, it doesn’t mean to just put a link to the blog post and send it.

Write a summary and make sure it really explains what the post is about. This way, the social media visitors will have an idea before they click it and they will want to read the post.

Read me please tip #2: Use an engaging title

When you really consider how people determine what they are going to read, they look at the title first.

Is your title:

  • Grabby
  • Funny
  • Controversial
  • Etc…

Just ask yourself, “Would I jump to read this?”

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Read me please tip #3: Use snappy headlines

Some readers have a tendency to just read headlines and if one “grabs” their attention, they will read the paragraphs under that headline.

It is recommended that you do not have more than 300 words under each headline.

Read me please tip #4: Do not write “above” your readers

Don’t you hate it when a Doctor tries to explain something to you but they use terminology that only a 2nd year medical student might understand?

Don’t be like that Doctor with your readers.

Use words and phrases they will understand.

Read me please tip #5: Build a list

Make sure you have a subscription area available and start building an email list. Readers that love your content will sign up and get an email when you have published a new post.

Read me please tip #6: Properly tag and categorize your posts

If you are putting tags that are not directly related to your post, people will visit and leave immediately. The same holds true for categories.

And, do not use more than 15 tags per post.

Read me please tip #7: Have sharing buttons
By having easily accessed sharing buttons, your readers will share with others who have the same views.

It never hurts to ask your readers to share the material either.

Read me please tip #8: Keep paragraphs short

Long paragraphs are not reader friendly when it comes to internet content.

Keep your paragraphs 1-4 sentences long if possible.

Read me please tip #9: Respond to comments and feedback

If a reader takes the time to leave a comment or feedback, that means they took the time to actually read your post.

Be wise and answer or respond to your reader’s comments.

Read me please tip #10: Comment on other blogs

When readers of other blogs see your comments that are well written, they will naturally visit your blog to read your great content.

Just make sure and comment at blogs that are directly related to the subjects you write about.

Read me please tip #11: Use bullet pointsBullet points

Bullet points automatically:

  • draws
  • the
  • reader’s
  • eyes
  • to
  • them

Read me please tip #12: Use images and video when applicable

Visual and audio items within blog posts are highly recommended. I believe every blog post should have at least 1 image.

Be sure and put alt tags in your images, this way, your post will be discovered through search engine image searches.

Read me please tip #13: Link to other blogs

When you link to other blogs that are related, that blog owner will receive a pingback. Not all bloggers will return the favor but in the long run, you will also receive links from others.

Read me please tip #14: Use strategic bolding

Just as bullet points draw reader’s eyes, so does bolding. Use it to draw the reader to important words or phrases.

Read me please tip #15: Keep using numbered lists

Some writers believe the numbered blog post is going out… I disagree!

I see a high rate of readers visiting numbered blog posts and they read them completely.

So, go ahead and write:

  • The Top 10
  • The 20 Best
  • or The 100 Craziest

Final Thoughts

Personally, I would rather have 10 people read my posts completely then to have 100 people visit, look at the title and leave.

I have discovered these tips help me and they should help you too.

Do you have any added tips? Any questions?

Please post them below.

Lastly, will you please share this on social media? Thank you and have a great day!

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