Write Stories For Sales

As a freelance writer, I am often asked by clients what is the best copy to instill buying emotions in their website visitors. The answer is always the same for each and every client that asks me that question:

Tell stories!

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Name one person who doesn’t like a good story; or even a bad story…

People are adapted to listen to stories and to make judgments from those stories. The news media uses this approach all the time when they want to take public opinions to their side of the fence.

This is why I know stories work

As a child, I had devious thoughts and my actions would be planned to make those devious thoughts work. My actions normally would require a story to make the plan work.

Did you ever participate in a lesson in early school years where one person would whisper a sentence to the next and they would try to whisper that sentence to the next… on and on around the circle to find a completely different sentence from the original at the end?

I learned quickly.

I wanted that girl

But she was dating the bully that I did not want to face with fists, but my brains I believed could defeat him.

Using my storytelling technique, I went to a kid I knew would want to spread the word and would change it to extremes. I simply told him I saw “the bully” with the best friend of the girl I liked. The word started spreading and it changed to he was kissing and necking with her.

Since the girl I wanted had her locker near mine, I knew when the moment was right.

She was mad!

I offered to carry her books and when we saw the bully, he started approaching to whip me, but she stood in my defense and said that since he was cheating, she could too. She started kissing me in front of him.

Yes, my story sold but it was probably a bad move on my part

He caught me 2 days later and my nose bled and my lip was the size of the moon… But I kissed the girl! That is what counted!

kiss the girl

You did enjoy that story didn’t you?

And I could write a story like that with you as the hero or heroine, if you want to spend a little. Just follow this link and learn more.
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Back to the point of this post

If you are writing copy meant to sell a product or service… just tell stories and integrate your product into the story.

It works!

So, let’s hear your thoughts on using stories to sell.

Do you agree? Would you add any tips or advice?

Just post your comments or questions below.

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