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When You Buy You Could Sell: Getting Clients From Online Purchases

At this point in my freelance career, I have no shortage of clients. I was telling one of my favorite clients that I was extremely overloaded with work and he proceeded to tell me to raise my rates. “If they want to buy the best, they have to pay the price,” he said as he told me he would now pay me more for the work I did for him.

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Don’t assume that I am cheap

I have always wondered how some of these clients can even justify paying me the amount I charge, but they pay… So I write, and write and write some more.

My work / life balance is nonexistentwprk - life balance

Is today Tuesday?

She looks at me with concern and says “No, it is Saturday.”

But enough about me… Let’s talk about you

Are you full of clients? Do you sell your freelance work on a consistent basis?

If the answer is no… Why not? Are you overpriced? Under priced?? Is your quality up to standards? Are you always bidding? Do you use the many tips I provide on this blog?

I suggest you start following Lancerlife and learn how to be a successful freelancer.

And, I am going to share another trick that you can use to recruit clients to your freelance business.

Recruit when you buy

Do you buy things online from time to time? So when you buy, you may use Paypal, a credit card or Bitcoin. It really doesn’t matter.

Normally, when you buy something online, there is a section for comments and such. Keep in mind that this business is online, so they may have a blog and you know they have a website. As such, there is the chance that they outsource some of their work.

They don’t know you are a freelance writer, photographer, etc… unless you tell them so.

It will never hurt to just say “Thank you for selling me (product or service). I want to let you know that I am a freelance ___, and I would love the opportunity to help you with your website, blog or anything else you may require a freelance ___ for. You can view my works at (your website/blog/portfolio).”

The odds are good you will gain a client

First, the potential client knows you use their products or services. You are a customer and they know you will have an advantage of knowing the product. Secondly, there is the obligation factor. You are loyal and if a business needs freelance work done, why not give it to a loyal customer?


This is a short blog post today… As I said, I am loaded down with work.

If you follow this tip, you may find yourself loaded with clients too.

Try it and come back and let me know how well it worked for you. You may be surprised.

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