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I decided to have a guest post from a great writer at Textbrokers. I just wanted to have an idea what his average day was like as a freelancer.

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average work day

As a freelance writer, I have the ability to craft my days in just about any way that I want. However, just as any career, success is based upon a certain set of parameters based upon schedules and habits. An average freelancer is going to have a workday that is pretty similar to their employee counterparts. I will walk you through my average work day to give you a better understanding of the pros and cons of being a self-employed freelancer. Planning for the optimal average work day is key in being a successful freelancer.

Early Morning Routine

I try to wake up as early as possible. On days where I get to bed early, I will set my alarm for 6 AM. The early I am able to start my work, the sooner I will be able to complete my quota for the day. Once my alarm has gone off, I will usually hit the snooze button a few times before finally getting out of bed. A warm shower and a light breakfast will be a perfect start to my day. Once I am ready to go, I will determine whether or not I want to work in my home office. I have my home office set up right in my bedroom. This can be a comfortable option, yet a very distracting one as well. If I am feeling as though the distractions at home will be too high, it is straight to the library for me. I live close to a university, and the five-minute drive to the law school library offers a workplace setting free of almost any distractions.

Time To Get To Work

ed2goWhen I’m working at home, I must differentiate my work time from relaxing time. I have created a playlist of classical music that helps me get into the work mode once I sit down at my home office desk. A snack and a drink next to my computer can be a nice touch that I am not able to indulge in while working at the library. I must remember to not be distracted by Netflix or YouTube. While it may be tempting to have them on in the background, it usually leads to wasted time. If I am working at the library, I start out my work day by looking for open study rooms. My laptop has an HDMI out port, so I plug straight into the HD TVs available in these study rooms. This gives me a much larger canvas for writing and researching my articles. I love the solitude and utter lack of distractions when I am writing in a study room. I am able to focus because there is just nothing else going on.

Stretch Break

breakWhether I am working in my home office or working in the library, I need to stretch my legs and go for a walk after writing a few articles. I read an article once that stated the benefits of walking around your office building to open up the arteries in your legs and get oxygen flowing into your brain. If I am working at home, I usually take a walk around the neighborhood with my dog. When I am working at the library, I usually walk up to the second floor and try to find a different study room to use. Sometimes, I even walk to a different building on campus to get a little sun. Ever since I started taking quick walking breaks around the library or the neighborhood, I have noticed less fatigue during work and higher levels of concentration.

Lunch Time

One of my favorite parts of being a freelancer is my freedom of time. If I want to, I can take a two-hour long lunch break. However, I try to keep my lunch breaks around one hour. I love to head home or go to the back room to meet up with my wife and little boy. I usually end up spending a good chunk of this lunch break playing with my son and watching his movies with him. We love to go to our local market and get sushi for lunch. This is a great healthy food choice that leaves me energized and feeling healthy. I usually try to avoid fast food options, as that depletes my energy reserves.

Finishing My Quota

After a refreshing lunch break, it is time to finish up my daily amount of work. If I have been diligent in my work, I should be more than halfway done at this point. This is usually typical of an average work day for a freelancer. About another hour or two will help me complete my allotted amount of work. This helps me not fall behind with my clients or feel overwhelmed.

Sharpening The Ax And Managing Clients

When working as a freelancer, the growth of your career is in your hands. If you do not go the extra mile, you will find that your skills will be lacking and other more skilled individuals will get the work you are seeking. As a freelance writer, I must read in order to keep my mind sharp. I also complete typing lessons each day to keep my skills as tuned as possible. Before I leave my workstation, I must also reach out to current clients for thanks and new clients for possible future work opportunities.

Enjoying The Free Time

I have found that free time is crucial for success as a freelancer. When I first started my career as a writer, I would work ridiculous hours thinking I would advance my skills and earnings at a rapid rate. However, when I was working myself to the core, my quality of work suffered. When I am done with my quota and client management, I must recharge my engines by spending time with my family, friends, and engaging in fun activities. I love making electronic music, skating, skiing, and filmmaking. Working on my projects and sports leaves my mind and body happy while leaving me ready to attack the next day of work.

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