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10 Tips To Succeed From Successful Freelancers

No matter what anyone tells you, freelancing is not easy. I believe that first and foremost, freelancing is a misnomer in that, we are not free… But some people think we are.

There is also a common misconception that our life is full of doing what we want when we want. That may be true for some “so called” freelancers, but not this guy.

When a person starts freelancing full-time, it is the exact same thing as starting a business. It entails long hours and diligent behavior.

I have had clients who assume I can just “pop out” a 2,000 word article in ½ hour. And, I have managed to achieve that feat, but only on a subject I know inside and out.

I have offered a lot of advice on freelancing on Lancerlife. But in today’s post, I am going to let some other successful freelancers take front stage. They are going to share their best tips with you. I will also link their profile page or article at the end of each tip.

So let’s check out these 10 tips.

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Successful Freelancers Tip #1: Write/Design Every Day – From Craig Childs

Craig is a regular writer over at This tip is on-the-mark in my opinion. Even if we are taking a break from clients, we must commit to our talent on a daily basis. I have even stored up articles that I wrote during slow periods that I was able to sell when activity gained momentum again.

You can see Craig’s Lifehack profile page here.

Successful Freelancers Tip #2: Diversify Your Portfolio – From Mary McCoy

A part time freelancer and full time licensed social worker, Mary gives us some great advice here. What she means is to work in various niche areas with your freelancing. I know this all too well, as I write about multilevel marketing, binary options, travel and many other areas.

I would also add that it is wise to diversify on passive income opportunities too.

You can see Mary’s Money Crashers profile here.

Successful Freelancers Tip #3: You Can’t Be Everything To Everyone – From Ilise Benun

This wise woman gives sound advice that helps freelancers. I have followed her mentoring for several years.

One of the biggest pitfalls for freelancers is trying to solve too many problems for people at one time. I have been guilty of this, and I still trap myself in it from time to time.

We have to be able to use that simple but powerful word… No!

Ilise is the founder of Marketing Mentor. She is an author and speaker. See her Marketing Mentor profile here.

Successful Freelancers Tip #4: Know Your Value – From Paul Scrivens

freelancer value

I have met many freelancers who under value their work. This creates an issue with all freelancers in that clients think they can get high quality material cheap.

Paul is a freelance web designer and this tip is important. Know your value and charge accordingly.

Check out Paul on Dribbble here.

Successful Freelancers Tip #5: Have A Contract On Every Job – From Brent Galloway


The old days of being able to come back on a person because of an oral obligation are gone. Even though I do not follow this every time (Many of my clients are consistent with their payments), it is wise to have a contract on every job.

Just a tip, you can get contract templates over at Freelancer’s Union.

Brent offers great freelancing advice, mostly for designers at Your Freelance Career. Check out his profile here.

Successful Freelancers Tip #6: Keep Learning – From Jacob Cass

I know I have preached this multiple times and Jacob gives us the same important tip. Never stop learning! Read books, take courses, network with others and learn.

By the way, Jacob is an excellent freelance logo designer. Check out his website Just Creative here.

Successful Freelancers Tip #7: Make A Marketing/Business Plan – From Editorial Team At 1st Web Designer

Every business needs a marketing and a business plan. If you don’t plan, the odds of failure are high.

I put this in even though it isn’t from one freelancer but many. This post at 1st Web Designer is outstanding and I suggest you read it.

Successful Freelancers Tip #8: Think Realistically About Costs – From Grace Smith

Grace is a seasoned and successful freelance web designer in Northern Ireland. She offers some advice that many freelancers don’t consider. You need to measure costs and revenues consistently. Costs such as:

  • Software
  • Equipment
  • Insurance
  • Taxes
  • Etc…

I suggest you may want to consider an accountant. I also recommend a program one of my clients developed called The Expense Tracker.

Check out Grace’s website, Post5cript here.

Successful Freelancers Tip #9: Contact Your Warm Market – From Emil Lamprecht

Emil is the former CMO of Career Foundry where he had written this article. Emil tells us that when we start freelancing, we need to contact everyone we know – friends, family, etc… Our warm market as it is called in network marketing.

Maybe you think your 77 year old Aunt Sally may not need to know but guess what… Aunt Sally may play Bingo with the wife of the CEO of a major corporation that is looking for freelancers.

Word of mouth is the best advertiser.

Check out Emil at his Linkedin page.

Successful Freelancers Tip #10: Don’t Be Afraid To Raise Your Rates – From Tyler Galpin

How did the cost of milk, hamburger… you know… all of it rise? The cost of goods and services regularly has to rise to meet costs. It is no different for freelancers.

Sometimes we have to raise those rates so we can drink milk and eat hamburgers.

Thank you for saying it Tyler. Check out his website here.

Successful Freelancers Conclusion

There you have some wonderful advice from some highly successful freelancers. Be sure and visit them and give them a thumbs up on their sites and if you need services such as they offer, hire them!!!

But don’t forget about me…. I can provide the web content you need… Just contact me at

Thanks for popping in and please hit the share buttons and let your social friends have the tips too.

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