Freelance Strife: The Top 4 Struggles We Face

Much of the nation and the world is jumping into the world of freelancing. The opportunity to be your own boss and not have to commute paints a lovely picture, but the freelance life does not come without freelance strife.

There are struggles that only freelancers can really comprehend.

I have been freelancing full time for approximately 8 years. And freelancing has been good to me but it is not without strife and struggles. It is not a world of ease and comfort. It takes hard work and dedication. Freelancing requires wise planning and time management.

If you are considering doing freelance, I believe you should be aware of the struggles you will have.

I am sharing the top 4 struggles we face and how we battle those struggles.


Freelancer Struggle #1: Elderly Family Members Equate Freelancer To Free-Loader

The secret talk around the family reunion is how so-and-so’s kid is claiming he/she now has a free-loading business.

They laugh.

And one of the Uncles jumps in and says, “No, it is freelancing; he/she gives free advice on how to smoke marijuana.”

Now they are all roaring with laughter but your Mom walks over to find out why they are cackling and they all shut up… Except your Great Aunt Sally who asks your Mom how you are able to eat and support the children on a free-loader salary.

Mom doesn’t laugh and makes immediate plans to confront you.

Trust me… I struggled with this situation for some time until Mom actually saw the results.

Maybe some of the family still talks but Mom just gives them one of my high selling books and shares one of my top articles (probably this one too Mom).

She then may ask about one of their children, nieces or nephews who Mom knows is struggling in ways that forces that person to send them money on a consistent basis.

Freelancer Struggle #2: The Mistake That Has Been Floating Online For Ages

This is a struggle that anyone who has freelanced for any amount of time will surely relate to. It is one of those struggles that makes you want to hide under a rock and disappear.

You have what seems to be a “perfect” article written and you have had many readers. It went viral and you assume it is because of the content quality. But then…

A friend from High School reads the article after it has been published for 7 months.

“Hey, did you realize that every time you meant the word their, the article says there.

You look and sure enough, your word processor changed them all.

Is that why it went viral? Are readers laughing at the “expert writer?”

Make sure and read, reread and read that post again before you publish it.

Freelancer Struggle #3: Procrastinating

The weather is nice and you just don’t feel like freelancing right now. But you know that task is due in the morning.

I will work on it later…”

But later is after 3 beers and a full day of beach and sun. The morning comes and procrastination makes you late on your deadline.

Follow the plan and use wise time management. Do not put off work that needs to be completed.

Freelancer Struggle #4: Saying No

When you start gaining an established base of clients and others see the magnificent work you do, they will approach you to handle their needs.

I have been in that position many times when I know I should say no but I remember those times when I was begging for clients.

Saying no is hard.

But if you over extend yourself, you will create more problems.

I have discovered that the best way to handle this is to charge outlandishly high rates when you are loaded. If they still accept, I suggest pushing some of your other work to another freelancer.

And sometimes, you just have to say sorry, but I can’t.


What are your biggest freelancing struggles?

I want to help you get on top of your freelancing game. I have put together a Personal Freelance Consultation that can help you see where you need to improve. Just click here to sign up and I will get you on the path to Freelance success.

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Thank you.

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