6 Mindsets & Habits Of Successful Freelance Business Owners

There are a slew of freelancers who I would not call business owners. In their mind, they may consider that they are successful but they treat their freelancing like a hobby. Their mindsets & habits do not reflect success.

In many ways, I do not like the term freelancer because it does carry negative connotations with some people.

Fact of the matter is: a full-time freelancer is a business owner, an entrepreneur or more accurately, a solopreneur.

I will be the first to tell you that gaining success as a freelance business owner is not easy. You must have a “thick skin,” and not allow the opinions of others to have power over your thoughts and actions.

Success comes from following mindsets & habits. I am going to share 6 of those with you. I suggest you note them down and reflect upon them daily to help keep you on the path of success.

Successful Mindsets & Habits #1: A Solid Work Ethic

This is one of the first signs whether a freelance business owner is successful. I have networked with many other freelancers and there are many who do not have good work ethics.

Let’s face it!

This is a business and no business survives by opening one day and closing 2 days. That business will not survive if the sign says open at 8 AM and the door is locked at 10 AM.

When you say you are going to work your freelance business, you MUST work it.

I want to add that if you are considering going freelance because your regular job work ethics are bad, that will probably follow you into your freelancing.

Successful Mindsets & Habits #2: Value

When I started writing web content, I must admit that I did work for peanuts. As I started following other successful freelance business owners and listened to their teachings, I realized that my work is much more valuable than the amount I was getting via content mill websites.

My writing is art. No one can duplicate my style and that is true for you too.

How do I measure my value?

There is a point where you can overvalue your work to the point of clients bypassing you because you are asking Rolex prices for Timex watches.

Personally, I measure my time at approximately $50 per hour (give or take) for blog posting. Now if I am approached to write an ebook without my name as the author, those rates climb higher. And if I am asked to write a simple press release, those rates may drop.

Just remember that you ARE valuable!

Successful Mindsets & Habits #3: Also A Salesperson

I was networking with other freelance business owners and one actually said, “I started freelancing because I hated selling. Now I don’t have to sell.”exorcist

It is probably good that this conversation was on the internet because I probably looked like Linda Blair in the Exorcist. Could my head actually spin 360°?

Your freelance business success depends on your sales ability. You must sell your talents… You MUST sell yourself.

Successful Mindsets & Habits #4: Know Why

When a person asks why you freelance, what is your answer?

You need to know your why…

Personally, my why is several things:

  • I love writing
  • I am making more money
  • The ability to have my work read worldwide
  • I can run my freelance business from anywhere

Successful Mindsets & Habits #5: Learning Mentality

No matter how long you have managed a freelance business, you will never know everything. There is always something new to learn.

I actually look forward to clients requesting my talent to write about a subject I am unfamiliar with. This allows me to research and learn.

I have actually dropped my rates slightly just to ensure I get that job because of the aspect of learning something new.

Just a small secret too; I learn a lot as I teach. When I write these blog posts and freelance business owners comment, I learn. So teaching is a part of the learning mentality.

Successful Mindsets & Habits #6: Listen And Ask

When meeting with clients, it is ultra-important that you listen closely.

Sometimes we try to multi-task while meeting with clients and we miss an important aspect of the task they are requesting.

I suggest you pay close attention and take notes. Also, ask questions to ensure you have a total grasp on what your client wants.


While I could go on and on with other successful freelancer mindsets & habits, I must move on to work for clients… So what resonates with you?

Do you have any questions?

Please leave your comments and questions below.

And, please share this post with other freelance business owners.

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