7 Promotion Strategies & Tips For The Freelance Business Owner

How can you actively promote your freelance business without seeming like a spam artist, or an egotistical maniac?

There are promotion strategies flying around everywhere. Of these tips and strategies are great, others are good and many are terrible.

I am going to stick with the great and good freelance business owner promotion strategies.

Do keep in mind that your first order of business should be

  • Make sure you have an outstanding portfolio and resume
  • Having a website/blog is wise
  • And professional social media profiles

If you would like an opinion if your basics are solid, I offer a special service that I have made quite reasonable. I will provide you a freelance business consultation to ensure you are in a position to become the best of the best. Just click here and take advantage of Your Personal Freelancer Consultation.

Now scroll down and use these 7 promotion strategies and tips for your freelance business.

Promotion Strategies #1: Signature

Every email, blog comment or forum post should have your creative email signature (I need to “doctor” mine as a matter of fact).

No matter who the email is going to, having your name, website, tagline, and even your phone number can generate new clients.

I have been contacted multiple times by potential clients just because of my signature at the end of a comment on another blog.

Promotion Strategies #2: Offer Discounted Service For Client Referrals

Every client loves the idea of getting a discounted task done.

Clients usually know other potential clients. So promoting a system where you give a client 5% off their next 3 tasks in exchange for a paying referral is an excellent way to gain more clients and put a smile on current client faces.

Promotion Strategies #3: Be Active Professionally On Social Media

Having a strong professional social media presence can be a huge benefit to your freelance business.

I say professional presence because sharing your evening meal will not necessarily land you freelance clients. But sharing industry news will show that you have the knowledge and expertise of a freelance business owner.

Promotion Strategies #4: Your Blog

Officefurniture.comA well designed blog is an extremely wise move for all freelance business owners. But that blog will not benefit you if you do not post consistently.

Set up a schedule on posting and share these posts in your social networks.

Don’t neglect having a call to action within your blog posts (see my introduction on this post).

Promotion Strategies #5: Utilize Influencers In Your Niche

Be it offering to write guest posts, commenting on their blog posts or liking their social media posts, attaching yourself with influencers can land you clients.

I have been approached by potential clients just because I commented on an influencers blog or social media.

Promotion Strategies #6: Network With Other Freelance Business Owners

I know there is going to be at least one of you who say “Why would I befriend my competitor?”

  • Don’t look at them as competition. Are they even in the same niche?
  • You can learn tricks and tips.
  • They may share work if they are overloaded.

Lastly, there is an old line of keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer.

Now, I don’t consider other freelance business owners enemies but if you do, keep that strategy in mind.

Promotion Strategies #7: Consider How Other Businesses Market

You can use the same methods other businesses use to market their brand. Look at companies like John Deere, Coca Cola and others and learn from their marketing methods. Maybe you cannot afford a billboard or television commercial, but you could:

  • Put an add on your vehicle
  • Have your brand and contact on T Shirts, Hats and other similar items
  • Run ads on Facebook, Google and industry publications
  • Attend events and share your business card or fliers

Just use your creative side and you can find many promotion strategies.


Do not feel guilty or embarrassed about promoting your freelance business. Just do so professionally and I know clients will contact you.

Get your name, your brand out there for potential clients to see, and you will get business.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Now I must get back to work filling client orders, and if you need any freelance copy, just contact me and I will give you a fair bid.

Thank you and please share this with others on your social sites. They may need these strategies too.

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