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10 Freelance Trends – 2017 to 2020

I was feeling prophetic today. It seems little freelance fairies are dancing around my brain feeding it full of information.

As the information fills my brain’s data banks, I hear a loud, booming voice in my head that says:

Blog these 10 freelance trends from now to 2020

I thought to myself and said aloud

“But I am busy doing freelance tasks for clients.”

The voice said again,

You would not have those clients if not for me… Blog these 10 freelance trends

No more arguing… I decided to do what I was told so here are the top 10 freelance trends for 2017 through 2020. Here is an infographic first.

10 freelance trends

Freelance Trends #1: High Demand

Some researchers at Princeton have determined that over 90% of jobs created in the U.S. are either temporary or freelance.

That tells us freelance is a huge demand.

That means you can charge your value. Stop asking $5 for something you can get $20 for.

Don’t let clients take advantage of you. There are other clients willing to pay.

Freelance Trends #2: A Rise In Millennials

Being a Baby Boomer myself, trends show that the children of Baby Boomers will start grabbing the opportunity of freelance, work from remote jobs.

This will create a huge competitive freelance system.

Freelance Trends #3: Freelancers Will Hire Freelancers

In days past, freelancers would typically keep work to themselves and not share it with others.

The trends show that freelancers are now actually hiring other freelancers to get major tasks completed or to cover smaller tasks.

I even believe we will see freelance leaders start more companies with teams of freelancers.

Freelance Trends #4: Finding Via Social Media

Trends show that outsourcers are finding freelancers via social media:

  • Linkedin
  • Facebook
  • and Google+

Much of this comes from having an enticing social media page and posting valuable material.

Make sure your social media profiles are top-notch and have a link to your website.

Freelance Trends #5: No More Timer

The majority of freelancers will stop accepting or bidding on jobs where the pay is hourly. They are more apt to take fixed-price jobs.

The reason is clients tend to treat hourly freelancers like employees and keep throwing tasks not originally in the mix. By charging fixed rates, freelancers can now add charges for tasks not in the original contract.

Freelance Trends #6: Freelancers Will Have To Up Their Marketing Methods

As there are going to be a huge influx of freelancers, marketing and promotion will become more “cut-throat.”

Freelancers may even find themselves approaching professional marketers to get higher positioning.

Freelance Trends #7: There Will Be A Call For More Digital Tools To Help Freelancers

Entrepreneurs will discover that creating software and tools for freelancers is a profitable move.

Any tool that can make a freelancer’s work faster, easier and higher quality will have high odds of success.

Freelance Trends #8: Long And Passionate Content

LobsterAnywhere.comWhile creating blog posts will stay at the top of the heap in content creation, the days are leaving when a 500 word post is acceptable.

Blog posts will average 1,000 to 2,000 words and will have to be extremely passion filled along with being SEO perfect.

Blogging freelancers will be expected to understand how to properly use calls to action and draw readers into a sales funnel.

Freelance Trends #9: Referrals Will Rule

I just did the math and 87% of my current client base came from referrals. Outsourcers tend to use freelancers who are referred to them from their business network.

The reason…

They have contracted too many freelancers from places such as Upwork, Fiverr and others who have not met deadlines, followed directions or even have the qualifications they claim they have.

What does this mean to you?

Offer your clients a discount for a paying referral. Believe me, it works!

Freelance Trends #10: The Impression Of Freelancers Will Evolve

More and more people will come to accept that freelancing is a viable career path.

As they see freelancers purchasing homes, cars and supporting their families in better ways than their day job counterparts, people will stop saying that freelancers are just glorified bums and will look at us with respect.


What other freelance trends do you see?

Have you made the freelance plunge? Are you considering it?

I have been full time freelancing for quite some time now. I don’t share my income but I will tell you that if I desire to, I could eat steak 2 days of the week, lobster 3 days of the week and just because I love it, pizza the other days.

I’m not trying to brag but just tell you that if you follow the proper path, freelancing can be lucrative.

I can help you get on that path… Just take advantage of the Personal Freelancer Consultation I provide by clicking here.

Dreams R Reality!

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2 thoughts on “10 Freelance Trends – 2017 to 2020

  1. Ya know, I think I’m within one or two years of giving up the freelance gigs for customers and just writing novels full-time. It’s been a good, profitable run, but I’m growing weary of writing for other people. I’m sure you understand that.

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