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The Top 12 Niche Areas For Freelance Writers

Guest Post By Michelle Bordage

A Quick Summary of the Word Niche

If you are a new or semi-new freelancer, you will hear the word “niche” thrown around quite a bit and you may ask yourself, “what exactly is a niche”? The definition of this word is simply put… a subject! For example:

  • Dogs
  • Music
  • Books
  • Windchimes

These are all examples of niche’s, and a Freelance writer has the wonderful opportunity to put into words, blogs, articles, etc… about that niche.

Their niche.

What I mean about “their niche” is, everyone has (something) they know a lot about. For you, it could be dogs, music, books or windchimes. For example, if your (niche) is music, you might write about the greatest band ever to release a record or is Paul McCartney really Billy Shears?

These are examples of niches and what can be brought out of one simple topic or subject, such as music! I must add though, prior to picking you’re niche, make sure that it is one that people on an EVERY DAY BASIS are looking for!

I’ll give you a quick example: You know a lot about a certain topic, but is it something that people want? Is it interesting? Is it MARKETABLE? That’s the biggie right there! If your niche meets these 3 things, then it’s a great niche to write about and if your good enough at it, make money!

One example of how you can start your search for your niche is to surf the web and see for yourself what is:

  • Popular, never fading…i.e., music
  • Controversial
  • Emotional
  • Trending
  • Etc…

These are just a few examples of what a niche can pertain to. There are millions of them, but, this is what I have researched to be…. ready for it?

The Top 12 Niche Areas For Freelance Writers!

#1 Niche – Health and Wellness

Everyone wants to be healthy, right? How many times have you googled a symptom or need information on everything from a cold to something severe? How do you think that information got there? This, in itself, is a powerful niche! Some examples as to how this particular niche can be used is as follows:

  • How to stay fit and trim
  • What is the best vitamins for Men/Women
  • How to quit smoking
  • Pregnancy
  • Symptoms of sickness

These are just a few examples of how you can use Health and Wellness as a niche to write on!

#2 Niche – Education

This is a huge niche to get information out there to people!

So many employers are looking for higher education for hire these days. For example, wouldn’t it be awesome if someone found your article on something relevant to education (your niche) and it pointed them into the right direction? Here are some more examples as to how Education can be your niche:

  • Education in general
  • Which college to choose
  • How to write an essay
  • Understanding Core Math
  • How to help your child with their homework
  • Returning to school as an older adult

#3 Niche – Money & Finances

money and finances niche

The almighty dollar!

We all need it, want it, spend it, save it, rinse…repeat. This particular niche has an incredible amount of writing potential, for example:

  • Budgeting your bills
  • How to save for a home
  • Debt
  • Saving for your retirement
  • Loans

#4 Niche – Sports

VenueKings.comThis is a fun niche to get into because there is just so much information to write about, as well as it being much of America’s pastime!

If you are reading this and not from America, no worries! The world loves sports!

Let’s take England for an example: Football (aka soccer), Cricket, Rugby and Netball Super league, just to name a few! Some examples of how Sports can be used as a niche are as follows:

  • Greatest newscaster in the history of sports
  • Sports Hall of Fame
  • Super Bowl
  • Racing wrecks

#5 Niche – Religion

Although this is an extremely vast, sometimes (touchy) subject for a niche, one must be careful, as well as respectful on using this as a niche.

With a population of over 7.5 billion people in the world and documented 4,300 religions in the world, I would say there is a LOT of content one can write about (with accurate) research on this particular niche!

Here are a few examples:

  • Finding the right church
  • Which Religion is right for me?
  • Who wrote the Bible, Book of Mormon, Qur’an.
  • Paganism as a Religion

#6 Niche – Travel

travel niche

This is a magnificent niche for a freelance writer to create content about because it does not necessarily have to be written about places you have been (unless you wish to). It can have many takes on the subject!

Here are a few examples:

  • Bucket list for traveling (your dream destination)
  • Dream Vacations
  • Destinations overseas
  • Cruises to beautiful enchanted places
  • Camping with the kids
  • What to pack

#7 Niche – Resume and Cover Letters

A resume and cover letter is a vital insurance in obtaining good employment in this day and age. Without it, you may be passed up for the person who does. Being able to provide your clientele with a strong resume and cover letter will not only put money in your pockets, but in many cases word of mouth from a pleased client will bring more work your way.

So…Happy client = more $ With that said, other examples that can be freelanced on this topic could include:

  • How to write a resume and cover letter
  • Why you need a resume in today’s workforce
  • What is a resume and cover letter

Keep in mind, there was a time in your life that you didn’t know what this was either. An article that would explain, perhaps step by step, would be a huge help with someone with no experience on the matter.

#8 Niche – Grant Writing

There is much research involved in Grant writing as your niche.

Grant writers write grant proposals for corporation funding, nonprofits, and agency’s that deal with the government to name a few. Your grammar should be spot on to do this sort of writing, supreme excellency in writing and deadline savvy. Some examples of freelance writing an article (about) Grant writing could include:

  • What is Grant writing
  • What kind of education should you have to become a Grant writer

#9 Niche – DIY Articles

This is a very interesting niche to check into. The term (DIY) is short for “Do it yourself.” There are a billion things you can write about with this particular niche and the more details you add to your article the better!

Photos are a plus in DIY articles so the person reading it can get a better feel for the outcome of the project presented.

Some examples of a DIY article could consist of:

  • How to build a fire pit in your back yard
  • Gardening
  • Home make-overs
  • Arts and crafts for the kids

#10 Niche – Fashion

Fashion is a hot business for a freelance writer, but you must remember to keep up with today’s style, trends and color schemes to be in the running. Make your articles flashy with bling and photos!

Some examples of ideas of what to write about with fashion as your niche could be:

  • What’s hot, and what’s not
  • Seasonal color’s
  • How to look like you spent a bunch without your wallet taking a punch
  • What to wear for your interview

#11 Niche – Hobbies

This is a fun niche to freelance write about because there are so many things to choose from!

Some examples could include:

  • What is the best pole and line to use for deep-sea fishing?
  • How do you pan for gold?
  • What is the best china to collect?
  • What are the top 10 metal detectors on the market?

#12 Niche – Freelancing

Out of all the information that you know about, freelance writing is what you do right? There are so many aspects in this niche that writers (new and seasoned) love to read about and there is a huge market for this!

  • How to blog
  • Tips for a new Freelancer
  • How to create a portfolio
  • How to create a website
  • Learning proper writing technique such as “There, Their and They’re
  • What is the best niche for your writing (hmmm, did I write that?)


There are a lot of aspects that go hand and hand in the world of Freelance writing and if you find your niche that makes you not only happy as a writer, but brings in the bread and butter, you’re on your way!

Like anything else in life, practice makes perfect.

You may try your hand at a certain niche and find that it is not for you and possibly another…and another. As the saying goes “Rome was not built in a day”.

Try out different niches, possibly the ones I have listed in this article… Also keep in mind, the more marketable niches you can write about, the more (IN NEED) your services will be which also means the more (MONEY) you will make as a Freelance writer!

Happy Writing!


Hey All, Greg Here…

Michelle gave us an excellent list here, but I just have to chime in on 2 other niche areas that seem to be hot!!!

  1. Network Marketing or MLM (multilevel marketing) – This business format has become quite popular and normal people can start a business with low start up costs. I totally believe in having many forms of income, and I am a member of an excellent organic MLM. You can see more here.
  2. Trading in binary options and/or Forex/CFDs – This is another niche I write consistently about. I had no clue before I started, but ample research has gained me a steady position writing at several websites:

Those are just a few.

I would suggest that you master one niche and then move into more.

If you are new to freelance writing, I suggest you get the free ebook I offer. Just give me your name and email here.

I can also provide you with a comprehensive consultation to ensure you are on the right track in becoming a successful freelancer. See more here.

Let’s all give Michelle a huge thumbs up for this great post. Being a new freelancer, she is moving forward to great success.

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