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9 Tips To Attract Freelance Clients

As a freelancer your ultimate goal is having clients and making money.

I have had freelancers from all walks ask me how I attract clients. I must admit that it isn’t a subject that I dwell on because I have been busy working on the tasks I have been contracted for.

But, I decided to look deep into the freelance client attraction subject in an effort to help my fellow freelancers understand how to attract freelance clients.

Here are 9 tips:

Attract Freelance Clients Tip #1: A Well Designed And Up-To-Date Portfolio

The majority of potential freelance clients are going to look at what you have successfully completed for other clients.

Make sure you design a great portfolio and keep it updated.

Attract Freelance Clients Tip #2: Give All Clients Your Best

I would say that a huge percentage of my clients were referred by other clients…


Because I give my best and they refer me to other potential clients.

Give clients 110% and you will receive referrals.

Attract Freelance Clients Tip #3: Add To Your Skills

I have discovered that I have other areas where I can add value for my clients base.

Recently, I invested in a software that will allow me to not only write for clients, I can also offer an extra SEO back-linking service.

Not only will this service make me more money, it will create another avenue to attract freelance clients.

Attract Freelance Clients Tip #4: Blog

Just as I am doing here, having a blog and consistently posting is a means of promoting your freelance business.

I have gained freelance clients when they contact me after reading my blog.

I suggest you invest in a web domain and hosting. The cost is minimal in comparison to the freelance clients you can attract.

Attract Freelance Clients Tip #5: Guest Posting

This is another method to attract freelance clients that works.

I have guest posted at a few locations and I also have opened my blog to guest posters who want to attract freelance clients.

If you believe you have some valuable information you can share with the readers of LancerLife, feel free to click the contact tab and propose a guest posting experience.

Attract Freelance Clients Tip #6: Pricing Wisdom

This can be a difficult area; I have seen freelancers who are asking extremely low rates thinking they will attract more freelance clients.

What happens is

  • They scare the clients away because they assume the quality will be terrible
  • Or they get clients who will always expect cheap and the freelancer will never gain professional recognition.

The other scenario is the freelancer who has rates that are astronomical. The client will expect absolute perfection and when that freelancer is unable to provide perfection, word will go out and they have a difficult time attracting any clients.

It is important that you find a pricing structure that is somewhere in between.

Attract Freelance Clients Tip #7: Social Media

I have attracted several freelance clients via social media. I have found Linkedin to be the prime opportunity with Facebook coming in 2nd.

It is important that you have your social media up to date. Have a professional image and a link to your blog/website. Also, share valuable content and you will attract freelance clients.

It also helps to join various groups and communities in these social sites. Clients often look through groups for freelancers.

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Attract Freelance Clients Tip #8: Be Helpful Even With No Pay

If you see a question on social media or even offline while talking with someone and you know a way to solve their problem, even if there is no profit in it for you, be helpful anyway.

The profits come when they remember your helpfulness when talking to someone else that is in need of a freelancer.

Attract Freelance Clients Tip #9: Be Confident


This is probably the top tip for all freelancers.

If you are not confident when speaking with a potential client, how would he/she be confident you are the person for the job?

I recall over 1 year ago when a gentleman from Australia asked me if I could write content about trading in binary options and other financial areas.

With confidence I said that I had not wrote on the subject before but I was a master of researching and would develop quality content for him.

Not to “toot my own horn,” but he is still one of my clients and I have moved up into writing even more technical material in the niche.

All because I was confident!


If you have a desire and passion to freelance, you WILL attract freelance clients.

More and more businesses and people are seeking freelance people to handle certain areas that they can not keep pace with and they do not want to have employees tied into.

Follow these tips and you will attract clients.

Thanks for stopping by today… Hey, share this with others who can use these tips.

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  1. I have more clients than I know what to do with, thank you very much, and I have them because I followed this advice. Thanks for the reminder, Greg.

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