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The Freelancing Life & Life: How to Have Both

Guest post by Michelle Bordage

It’s 5 am, the alarm goes off, the new day begins. Whether you’re a Freelancing Accountant, Content Writer, or any Freelancing trade in between, that alarm states one truth…. time to get to work. After a quick cup of coffee and morning routine you’re ready. New day, new opportunities!


Ringo Starr of The Beatles said it best when he created the Song title “A Hard Day’s Night.”

The Beatles were in the studio one day for so long, that Ringo stated it’s been a hard day’s (looked up at the clock) noticing it was now midnight and changed his mind from work, to, night “A hard Day’s Night”

It’s funny how Freelancers go through this as well!

When you are a Freelancer, whether on call or not, you always feel as though you are being pulled in various directions.

So, how can a Freelancer decompress and relax and more importantly, how can a Freelancer have a life on the side from Freelancing?

Is this possible?

Some will say no, I say yes!


When you first became a Freelancer, what was the one thing you wanted more than anything in the world?

FREEDOM! (It’s funny how Freelance and Freedom’s 1st four letters are one in the same), coincidence? I think not.

When you first set out to become a Freelancer, you wanted Freedom from:

  • The boss, the man, the big guy
  • Having to travel great distances for little pay
  • Having to work over when another employee didn’t show up

There are a million reasons why you chose to become a Freelancer, but here you are:

  • Still missing time with your family/friends
  • Possibly gaining weight because you (Freelance all day) and nibble (a lot)
  • Miss important events because the work must be in by a certain time-frame

Sound familiar?

Ask yourself… “Did you trade thing’s you wanted to change in your life for a life of the same”?

Well did you?

No worries… From Large to Small, there are ways to reestablish balance in a Freelancers life.

Daily BODY and MINDhealth

To be “All you can be” in the Freelancing world there are several things you can do for your body and mind on a daily basis.

Here are a few examples on how to make your day more enjoyable as a Freelancer. They may seem like small things, but the pay-off is huge!

  • Take at least 15 minutes every morning and eat a healthy breakfast. Spend it with your loved ones and enjoy each others company.
  • Snacking through the day at your desk doesn’t have to consist of candy, cookies, or cakes. Instead, try an apple. Apples are brimmed with vitamin E as well as a super charger antioxidant and packed with calcium. Healthy body, strong mind. Trail mix is low in fat and just a few handfuls a day gives you your days’ worth of nutrients.
  • Every few hours take 5! Go outside and look at the world that surrounds you. Breath in the fresh air and it will ease your tensions and rejuvenate you for your next task.
  • Take a break for lunch & dinner but remember over eating will make you sluggish and tired
  • Get a decent night’s sleep, tired brain = poor Freelancing = mistakes =bad day!

Think that these are impossible tasks in your everyday Freelance life? Try one or two a day and incorporate more as you go, you will see what a difference it WILL make!

Weekly Body and Mind

Monday through Friday you’re probably typing your fingers to the bone. Hashing out new Freelancing thoughts and ideas to your clients, submissions, and seeking out ways for new clientele.

The weekend starts tomorrow and you have no idea what to do with yourself after being at your typing Freelance throne all week. Here are some ideas to relax, recoup and simply… live.

  • Go for a walk in the park, not only is this good for you and your loved-ones to spend time together but, it’s good for your body and will clear out your mind of your weeks clutter
  • Have a full sit-down dinner with family or friends, socialize that cooped up introvert you are all week at your desk in Freelance-land and enjoy stimulating conversations.

Don’t feel you have time on the weekend to take a break? Think about this…

When you (worked) for an in-house position prior to Freelancing, did you enjoy your weekends?

Why should this be different…Ask yourself…

I know that some of your Freelancing submissions can be time sensitive, but try to plan a bit of time (every) weekend for you and your loved ones you’ll thank yourself on Monday!


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Here is the Big one…

The human race is made up of so many walks of life. Most of us take charge of our day and try to get all we can out of it, but to what end? Is there a proverbial Freelancing light at the end of the tunnel?


Consider this, you have worked all year with your Freelance clients, given them all or, in many cases, so much more than they could hope for and you would love to take a break and take a weeks’ vacation possibly with family, friends etc. Then out of the blue a gray cloud forms above your head and tells you “I can’t… I have too much work to do”!


As a freelancer, you must (think) like a freelancer! Remember:

  • You set your own hours!
  • You are in charge of your freelancing destiny!
  • You have all the tools you need in your Laptop!
  • As long as where you vacation has wi-fi (plan ahead) you can pull this off!


Freelancing can be rough at times. There are rules and structures, guidelines and deadlines to be observed. BUT… It is also the greatest job on Earth to be your own boss, make a living and spend time with those you love.

The suggestions in this article are but a helping hand in your journey as a Freelancer to assist you in your understanding that you can have a Freelancing life as well as live your life!

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