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5 Errors That Could Destroy Your Freelance Business

While everyone makes mistakes, there are some mistakes that can carry heavy consequences. As a long time freelance writer, I have made my share of errors but none that could not be fixed.

But I have also witnessed freelance business owners “flush” their business down the drain by making mortal errors.

In an effort to help freelance business owners, I am going to share 5 errors that could destroy your freelance business and how to not commit any of these errors.

I will also share methods to fix the errors if possible and try to salvage your business and your reputation.

Errors That Could Destroy Your Freelance Business #1: Basing Your Freelance Pay Scale Off Your Previous Employment Pay Scale

Carol Tice from Make A Living Writing covers this area quite well in this blog post.

Basically, it makes no common sense basing your freelance pay chart off what you made for a previous employer.


  • Didn’t that employer supply the electricity?
  • And what about the tools of the trade?
  • Who is paying your health insurance?
  • Wait, have we even delved into what Uncle Sam wants?
  • Is your client going to give you a paid vacation or sick leave?

That is just an inkling of the error in equating your freelance invoicing with your past employment.

No, $20, $30 and even $40 an hour freelancing is not fantastic.

Have I done and projects at those rates? Yes and I am not joyous to admit it, but I make up for it on other jobs.

As an example, I also do SEO campaigns that take me approximately 15 minutes to set up at $45 per campaign. And that is low compared to others.

If you need SEO backlinks, you should contact me.

Errors That Could Destroy Your Freelance Business #2: Not Backing Up Your Files

I have watched several freelance businesses go under from this drastic mistake.

I even almost committed this fatal error when I had nearly $3,000 worth of clientele copy that had not been released and my computer took a nose dive.

Do yourself a favor and use disc, pin drives, other external drives or the cloud like Dropbox or any other.

I especially like the cloud because if you have a natural disaster or a theft, you still have your work.

Errors That Could Destroy Your Freelance Business #3: Saying Yes To Everything

If I said yes to every single person who approached me to provide freelance content, I would have to work 41 ¾ hours per day with no breaks.

It is confession time!

I have a difficult time saying no to a paying client too.

This can be one of the easiest mistakes to make as a freelance business owner but you MUST be able to say no.

Just recently I was given the opportunity to bid on a high paying book writing job… Very high paying.

But because I have a full load of clients, I had to politely decline. It was hard, but that is how to keep a freelance business running smoothly.

Errors That Could Destroy Your Freelance Business #4: Multitasking


If you are making dinner for your family, multitasking is probably something you will have to do if you want to put everything on the table at the same time.

When you are running a freelance business, multitasking can be a recipe for destruction.

First, you will not give your full attention to each client’s task. You WILL make stupid mistakes… And the worst thing of all, sending copy meant for 1 client to the wrong client.

You will get more done and it will be higher quality if you do not multitask.

Errors That Could Destroy Your Freelance Business #5: Missing Deadlines

Confession time again; I have missed a deadline or 2. But it is very seldom and usually happened because of weather or illness.

I also contacted the client as soon as I knew I would be late.

Make sure and schedule your tasks so you meet deadlines. The client needs it and the time is in place for that reason.

Missing deadlines will cost you your freelance business.


Fly away our Roundtrip Airfare Sale and get Flat $15* off on flights. Use Coupon Code As I see it, these are the most costly mistakes a freelancer can make.

If you keep from making these mistakes, your road to freelance success is much easier.

Do you have any questions? Just post them below.

I want to add that I will help you build your freelance business by providing you with a low cost consultation. You can see more here.

Well, I have deadlines to meet, so I am off to work.

Share this with others and help them have a successful freelance business.

Thank you.

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