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The Client Conundrum: 6 Tips On Landing Great Freelance Clients

I must say that I followed my dream and became a freelance writer. That dream was filled with some obstacles and I had to learn and grow from them. One of the learning experiences was landing clients.

I called it the client conundrum

For some time, I worked with content factories that would take a percentage of my earnings. I felt embarrassed to show someone a viral piece of content I wrote that had another person’s name as the author. Even more depressing was the fact that I was paid peanuts for that article which was now being splashed all across the web.

Times have changed

I have been blessed to land great clients and I am approached at least 3 times a week by potentially new clients. Many of whom, I must decline.

And none argue with my rates, usually…

I know that many of my readers are just getting started as freelancers. I do not have a magic wand to land clients for you, but I do have tips.

The primary tip I will give you is Be You!

So to show you how I am me, I want to share funny freelancer joke before I give you these 6 tips.

Have a laugh on me

A freelancer comes home and is greeted by his wife at the front door.

She tells him she has good news and bad news about their new car.

The freelancer says: “OK, honey — so give me the good news.”

His wife replies: “The good news is, the air bags work!”

The Client Conundrum Tip #1: Contact Them With Your Ideas

I challenge you to just stumble around the internet using keywords that relate to your freelance niche. As you find websites that “fit the bill,” jot down ideas you have that could be valuable to that website owner.

If you are a writer, make notes on the content or blog posts you could provide. If you are a web designer, how could you “enliven” that person’s website.

Once you have the ideas, find the contact information and just send that email or give them a call.

I would approach it something like:

Hello (potential client’s name),

My name is _____, and I noticed you have an amazing blog. I had a “light bulb moment” when I was reading your blog post (URL).

As a freelance writer, I could expound on that subject for you and also develop other posts that are on similar subjects.

These are some of my other works – (Put 2-3 links)

I would love to talk with you further. You can contact me at ____________.

Have a great day!

Not everyone will contact you. But some will!

The Client Conundrum Tip #2: Go Over The Top With Existing Clients

I would say that 75% of my client base is from referrals.

The reason that clients refer me is because I give them high quality, on time material. I go over the top!

If you know the client is expecting Grade C material, give them Grade B material. If they desire Grade A, provide AA.

And always be willing to perform 2-3 revisions for free.

Remember, current clients know potential clients. So give each and every one your best.

The Client Conundrum Tip #3: Blog

Blogging is an excellent way to land clients in the category you want to work in.

While LancerLife has not landed me a lot of clients, it has brought a few in. The reason it doesn’t is because the site is geared to other freelancers. The readers here are not looking to contract freelancers, they are looking to land clients.

But I have guest posted in one of my strongest niche areas… Network Marketing or multi-level marketing. I have had people click my author name and be led to my site so they could propose s job.

So it can help in finding guest blog opportunities. When you do so, other clients WILL contact you.

The Client Conundrum Tip #4: Cold Calling

Take it from a person who was once a master at telemarketing, cold calling works!

I have not had to use this method to land freelance clients, but I will if the need arises.

You simply develop a pitch, determine your target market and start looking for businesses and people that fit the bill. Give them a call with your pitch.

Be forewarned… You will get many no thank you’s, but there will be some takers if you keep dialing.

The Client Conundrum Tip #5: Freelance Placement Services And Job Boards

When first starting, I landed some great freelance work through Elance. Elance is no longer, but you can now do the same through Upwork.

I would also suggest ProBlogger as I gained some great clients on their Job Board.

Last but the best… Give Contena a go.

The Client Conundrum Tip #6: Linkedin

While I was tempted to say social media, I had to go to the best one for freelancers to land clients… Linkedin.

I suggest you create an outstanding profile and by all means, share some content you have created.

It also helps to join Linkedin groups.


This is just a small sample of the many ways to get great freelance clients.

Don’t be in a client conundrum!

Keep an up-to-date portfolio and follow these tips… You will get clients.

And if you need some help, take advantage of a personal freelancer consultation.

I hope this helped you. I wanted to get it out before Hurricane Irma hits us. So I am off to board up windows and protect our stuff.

Have a great day and hit the share buttons below.

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