digging out of a whole

Digging Out Of A Whole

Who is going to be the first person to correct the Title of this post that is long overdue?

Have you missed me?


Well, I have missed you.

Let me tell you why I titled today’s post the way I did. You see, I have been working at

Digging My Life And My Freelance Business Out Of A Whole

Yep, digging out of a whole bunch of feces…

But it is not nearly as bad as the people I left in Puerto Rico. 2 months later and still no electricity.

And, that is the point of this post… Depression and freelance writing are like oil and water. But I continue to hit that depression head-on and continue the work I truly love doing…


I must continue as I am behind on the projects handed to me. This post will be short because of that.


I need your help!

I am trying to complete client projects but Lancerlife must not suffer. I am seeking guest posts… Anything related to the freelance industry… A wide range of possibilities with that area.

After my forced departure from the Caribbean island that I called home for the past 9 years, I had to dish out a lot of money. So I am unable to pay, but the post will be in your name and I will allow up to 3 different links to promote you.

  • Website
  • Social
  • Etc…

Can You?

You can contact me at gregb@lancerlife.com and even send submissions.

I would really appreciate any help you can provide and hopefully, the recognition on Lancerlife will land you a client or 2.

I also ask that if you feel saddened by the current state of affairs in Puerto Rico, please call or write your State’s Congresspeople. Let them know that Puerto Rico, being part of the U.S. and the ability to draft soldiers into the armed forces should have much more help from the United States government.

The people I love should not have to suffer in these conditions. Many of these people have been working hard to get things cleaned up, but it is up to others to get the electricity turned on. And there should be penalties on retailers jacking prices.

And get the goods off the docks and out to the stores.

It is unacceptable and I call upon all American citizens to raise your voice in defense of our fellow American citizens. Yes, Puerto Ricans are American citizens and just click the book below to see what many have done.

Puertorriquenos Who Served With Guts, Glory, and Honor-B/W Edition: Fighting to Defend a Nation Not Completely Their Own

I am glad to have you as a reader of Lancerlife and look forward to any submissions you may make.

Thanks and have a great day!

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2 thoughts on “Digging Out Of A Whole

  1. Greg, I would love to help you, but time is not my ally right now. I’ll try and make some time this weekend and put together a post, but no promises.

    Sending hope and blessings to you and Maggie!

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