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5 Tips And Tricks To Become A Better Freelance Writer

Years ago, when I decided to become a Freelance writer, like many of you reading this, I had to learn the how too tips, and tricks of this amazing trade I now call my own.

In the beginning

At first, I began my journey with content factories, and let me tell you, it’s a good place to get your feet wet, but get in, learn, and get out…

There was a lot of heartache and even depressing factors that went hand in hand with writing for content factories such as: researching and writing your heart out on an article just for another to add their name as the author or, knowing that you will be paid a much smaller amount of money then the person who claimed your work as their own, and finally after getting paid (peanuts) you haven’t even received the credit for writing the piece….

Does any of this sound like you?

I guess we all pay our dues for what we love to do. With that said, my life since the content factory days has taken a vital turn for the better….

Much better!

Therefore, I have come up with this article, to lay it on the line for you to have some of my knowledge of the Tips and Tricks of becoming a better Freelance writer.

Tips and Tricks to become a better Freelance Writer #1: Find your Niche

As everything has a beginning, this is a Freelance writers beginning. Find out what you enjoy researching, learning, and writing about. Believe me, things fall into place so much easier when you discover what your heart wants to write about. If you have several interests, try all of them out and see which one flows the easiest with your freelance writing. Once you find the one that works best for you, research all you can on the topic and become the expert!

Tips and Tricks to Become a Better Freelance Writer #2: A place to call your own

I’m just going to touch on this topic for a moment, but be rest assured, it is extremely important.

Having serenity when you’re a Freelance writer is a must. Find a quiet place in your home to write, an office, a spare bedroom, or the kitchen table after the kids have gone to bed if need be. Most of us need a quiet place to get and keep our thoughts together to write. If you are reading this and are one of the few that can tune the world out, then I am secretly jealous and congratulate you on this massive feat of your mind…

Tips and Tricks to Become a Better Freelance Writer #3: Tools of the trade

Officefurniture.comHaving the right tools of the Freelance writing trade is a must. Let’s start with your computer; it doesn’t have to be the top of the line Lenovo Yoga 920, or an Apple MacBook Pro even, but something that will allow you to be able to research and create your Freelance articles with ease.

With that said, shop around to find the right fit for your budget as well as the right (feel) at your fingertips. Yes, the right feel is an important tip in freelance writing.

You wouldn’t use a jack hammer to put a nail in your wall to hang a picture, right?

You will know it when you test it. Furthermore, I personally am a bit old fashioned and still write out my Freelance writing ideas on paper prior to typing it out on my computer.

Pens, pencils and paper is something you can take anywhere with you, and, you never know when an inspirational idea will strike for an article.

Tips and Tricks to Become a Better Freelance Writer #4: Seek advice from other Freelance writers

Just as you are reading this right now, continue learning from others!

Freelance writers that have successful careers are one of your best sources of information and they can really help you cut out a lot of time as well as a large number of mistakes the new Freelance writer will indeed contribute to the world of Freelance writing!

A professional (published) Freelance writer has time in, and believe me, they have had their fair share of experience in finding their own “Tips and Tricks to become a better Freelance writer” already, and if you can gain knowledge from them, soak it in like a sponge.

Keep one thing in mind, not all Freelance writers are the same though, something that works for them does not promise to work for you. With that said, even if a partial amount does work, was it not worth the time you took to read or listen?

Tips and Tricks to Become a Better Freelance Writer #5: Pitch, pitch, and pitch again

I can’t begin to tell you of the most popular writers out there who were at first turned down. Professionals such as Nora Robert’s writing was turned down so many times that she nearly threw in the towel! But, as most of us already know, she is now a millionaire, and could now write about two socks that fell in love and sell a million copies….

It is the same with Freelance writing, you may pitch an article to a magazine, etc… and flatly be turned down. My suggestion or should I say tip on this matter, is to revise and try again.

  • Did you add enough or too little information?
  • Have you represented the article/pitch in a professional manner?

Another huge matter I will share with you is your greeting in a pitch. Here is my example: The person/editor that you are pitching is named Sue Smith. NEVER open your pitch addressed to Sue, always address to Sue Smith or Ms Smith.

First name basis is for family and friends, not potential Freelance writing opportunities.


I hope these Tips and Tricks to become a better Freelance writer has helped you in one way or another. I had a wonderful mentor and wanted to share some knowledge to help you on your journey in becoming the best Freelance writer you can be.

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