6 Ways Freelancing Has Changed Over the Years

How long have you freelanced? Or are you just getting started? For those of you who have been freelancing for quite some time, you surely have noticed many changes over the years.

No longer do we don armor, sword and lance to sell our services to pillage villages.

Yes, that is where the term freelancer originated from… Knights who would work for the highest paying King or Queen.

But in this post, I am not going back that far. But I am going to share 6 ways freelancing has changed over the years… 10, 20, even 30+.

So you can see just how many advantages or disadvantages you now have in comparison to those who freelanced before you.

Freelancing Over The Years #1: The Death Of Newspapers

While newspapers have not completely departed, we find many of them have been forced to add digital formats.

At one time, the primary source of freelance work was achieved by approaching printed media.

We now find that approaching the newspapers is much lower on the scale for freelancers. We still do, but it is not the primary freelance avenue.

Freelancing Over The Years #2: From Anywhere

With internet availability from nearly anywhere, freelancers can work from locations that would have been difficult in days past.

I am working from Puerto Rico… Yes, still without electricity… But thanks to research, I learned how to install solar to power my laptop, charge my phone and even have a lamp.

You can work from nearly anywhere!

Freelancing Over The Years #3: The Blog

If you mentioned the word blog back in 1998, you probably would have received stares and people backing away from you as if you were just released from an insane asylum.

Now if you mention blog, people will immediately tell you the internet address of their blog.

But many of those people say it is their blog, which it is. And their name is listed as the author of blog posts in many cases… But did they really write it?

I would predict that in at least 40% of cases, the posts are ghostwritten or are guest posts from freelance writers.

My primary freelance income source comes from writing blog posts… Most of which are in the name of the blog owner.

Freelancing Over The Years #4: Massive Amounts Of Software

No matter the type of freelancing a person performs, there is varied software programs that can make the job easier, faster and more efficient.

  • Photoshop
  • Microsoft Office
  • Grammarly
  • Multiple timers
  • Proposal software programs
  • and many others

Freelancing Over The Years #5: Social Media

When I first started freelancing, the primary go-to place for social interactions on the internet was MySpace…

Wow, times have changed.

We now have sites where you can easily find freelance clients as well as network with other freelancers…

  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Whatsapp
  • and many others

But as a freelancer, I suggest you zone in on just 1 or 2 of these sites or you may find your time being wasted.

Freelancing Over The Years #6: The Opinions Of Friends, Family and Nosybodies

PermachartsI remember when my Mother said, “A friend told me you can’t make any money doing what you do.” I asked what friend and when they freelanced to which I didn’t get an answer.

I am not one to argue with Mom, but she has realized that I must be doing okay when I can eat steaks while that friend of hers is eating hamburger and mac & cheese.

Yes, opinions have changed as more and more people have taken on the freelance lifestyle and others are realizing (with jealousy) that it can be profitable and fun.


So what are your thoughts?

What other changes have you noticed?

I foresee many other changes in the future too… I believe that the introduction of Blockchain technology will play a huge role too in future changes.

Just leave your comments below.

And, if you need a freelance writer for any upcoming projects, you can contact me at

I will give a fair bid and high quality.

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