Things You Should Look for When Hiring a Freelance Web Developer


These days, having an excellent website is almost a necessity for all businesses regardless of the industry that they are in. If you want to build an excellent website that looks as good as it functions, though, you’ll need to hire a talented web developer.

Outlined below are five tips that you can put to use when searching for a freelance web developer in order to ensure that you end up working with someone who will go above and beyond your expectations.

Look for a Web Developer that Asks the Right Questions

Ideally, before you ever start your search for a web developer you will have created a thorough and detailed description of the project that you are looking to hire someone for. Still, no matter how detailed your description is, any web developer who is interested in the project is likely going to have a few questions, and you can use the questions they ask to help gauge whether they are right for the job.

The best freelance web developers will likely start out with the big-picture questions such as “What is the purpose of this site?” and “Why are you wanting to build this feature?”. Questions such as these show that a web developer is interested in learning about your business and the goals for your website so that they are able to create a site that meets those goals.

Find a Web Developer Who is Willing to Work With You Long-Term

Websites are not one-and-done projects. They require regular updates and maintenance in order to continue functioning properly, and unless you have the technical skills to do this yourself, you will likely have to rely on a web developer to maintain your site as well as build it.

This is why it’s best to find a web developer that you can maintain a long-term working relationship with. Chances are the best person to maintain and update a website is always going to be the person who built it. Ask any freelance web developer you are considering hiring if they will be available for regular maintenance and update projects in the future and hire someone who is willing to agree to this commitment.

Arrange Your Project Based Milestones

Part of your search for a freelance web developer should be asking whether or not they are willing to deliver the work and be paid in milestones. Chances are most freelance web developers will be happy to agree to this arrangement, as projects set up based on milestones are great for everyone involved.

For you, the client, milestones ensure that you don’t pay a large sum of cash upfront to a freelancer who goes on to not deliver satisfactory work (or, in some cases, not deliver any work at all). For freelancers, milestones ensure that they don’t spend countless hours completing an entire website only to have the client bail out and not pay them for their services. In the end, milestones are mutually beneficial and you should certainly look for a freelance web developer who is willing to work under this arrangement.

Creativity and Technical Skills Should be Equally Considered

The technical skills of web developers such as the programming languages they know and their coding competency gets plenty of attention, however, the creative talents of a web developer are equally important. Your website needs to look as good as it functions in order to be at its most effective, and a freelance web developer who is as creative and artistic as they are technically knowledgeable will be able to create a website that looks stunning on the outside and functions flawlessly on the inside.

Ask for examples of some of the websites that the web developer you are considering has created, and judge for yourself how good of an eye the developer has for a great-looking website. You could also ask them if they have any ideas for what the layout and design of your site should be. Once they are familiar with your business and the goals you have for a website, a talented web developer should be able to make great suggestions for how your site should look and function.

Personality Matters

The final point you need to look for in a web developer is a personality that makes them easy to work with. Website design is often a long, intensive process. Chances are there are going to be hiccups along the way and you are going to have to spend a decent amount of time communicating with your web developer to make sure you are both on the same page.

With this being the case, it’s essential that you choose to work with someone who will make the entire process as easy and enjoyable as possible. Spend some time speaking with the freelance web developer that you are considering to get a feel for their personality. If possible, arrange a phone call or Skype interview with them before you make the hire. However you go about your interview process, take the time to make sure that the freelancer you are considering is as personable and easy-going as they are talented at web development.


Given how important quality websites have become, choosing which freelance web developer to hire is one of the most important decisions that a new business owner can make. By taking the time to thoroughly vet your web developer using the suggestions in this guide, you can ensure that you end up working with someone who will deliver an exceptional website that will serve you and your business for many years to come.

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