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Writers Work Review – An All In One Source For Freelancers

As a seasoned freelancer, I have tried and tested various systems and content factories. Some have been good, but a lot have been absolutely terrible.

And recently I came upon Writers Work.

Described to me as a website where freelancers have everything they need to “up their game.”

Hmmm, skeptical person that I am, I decided to test this new website out. And I have even interviewed the developer, Mark Harrell.

Today, I am going to provide you with a complete review of Writers Work. I will look at this “all-in-one” freelancer and client website/application with a fine-tooth comb.

And believe me, it is extra fine, because I became a member of Writers Work so I could test the complete system.

So, at the end of this post, you will be able to judge if this is a site you should use as a freelancer or as an entity who needs to contract a freelancer.

A Basic Of What Writers Work Is And Provides

Let me start by telling you that I am writing this post in Writers Work using their finely developed program. I have always used an office program to write and I would run my finished text through Grammarly to catch any small grammar or punctuation mistakes.

Very time consuming!

But the Writers Work program I am typing in uses a system that catches grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes as I write.

And being the fast writer I am, I have become faster.

Just that feature alone is more than enough reason for me to use Writers Work.

But that’s not all…

Writer Work is making the competition sweat


Before I tell you what more Writers Work offers, I need to tell you that the content factories will probably be shutting down and sites that I will leave Up… I mean Unnamed will drastically need to lower the fees they are taking from the hard work freelancers do.

Because high paying clients are flocking to Writers Work because they know they will get the superior quality freelance agents there instead of having to walk blindly through a labyrinth of low, or no quality freelancers.

So, let me take you through all the features for freelancers.


After you have an account at Writers Work, you will be given a walk-through video that explains how you can use the system.

On the home page, you will find

  • Your writing stats for the day – characters typed, words typed and time spent typing.
  • Recent documents you have started or finished.
  • And, the most recent job postings you can apply for.


Here you can add all the projects you have for clients. Order them in priority.


We all know that breaking projects down into smaller tasks can help break the monotony. I often say that rewarding yourself after each task is completed can make a project flow smoothly.

Writers Work makes task management easy here.


This is where I am… Working on this document. It shows all your documents in list format.


This is the spot where jobs upon jobs for you to bid on is listed. What’s more, you can break them down in the filter section to the left.

Find the jobs you want the most with this easy-to-use system.


universityNo matter what, we never know it all. There is always something to learn and Writers Work gives you a wide array of classes to help you grow as a freelancer.

And I spoke with Mark about my ideas…

I asked him if after completing a course, does the freelancer get something to show for their accomplishment?

We like badges, don’t we?

Keep in mind that Writers Work is new and Mark loved what I mentioned. You should see badges for courses completed soon that you can add to your profile.

University has classes for beginners, intermediates and experienced freelancers.


Submissions is another great place to apply for great opportunities. Opportunities to get paid by word or article and a filtering system.


This is your Writers Work mailbox… Receive and send messages right in the system.


The first goal I set was to write 750 words per day. I believe I will get my goal reached today with this article… It is so motivational to set and reach our goals.


And in this page, all of your stats are compiled allowing you to see where you need improvement. This can also help you decide what you should be charging clients.

Are You Impressed Yet? I Am!

I want to also add that you have a personal profile page that clients can see. You can put a professional head shot, background image, a basic title (I put Author and Freelancer), a biography and a list of portfolio projects.

Ultra Cool!

The Cost

Okay, the most important part right? How much will this cost me?

I want to start by saying that if you are using the Internet’s most popular website for finding freelance work, you are paying outrageous fees for each job you win. And if you are like me, you often over-bid jobs to make up and don’t win them because of your high bid.

Let’s get to the nuts and bolts…

Mark tells me there are going to be even more upgrades coming and Writers Work will be a full-fledged portfolio site soon.

Right now! You can have a lifetime membership and receive all these features and benefits for only $47.

They are considering monthly memberships but really now… I paid more than $47 on one job I won through that Up… I mean Unnamed website.

I must say that I have already got my lifetime membership to Writers Work and I know you should too. Come along and jump on board the Writers Work application where freelancers are treated like the professionals we are.


Sign up for a Writers Work Account Today!

And Outsourcers

I suggest anyone searching for high quality freelancers visit Writers Work today.


Writers Work gets 10 out of 10 stars. No, make it 12 out of 10 stars.

It is exactly what we freelancers need to speed up our process while keeping quality high.

Thank you, Mark Harrell for creating this great resource.

By the way everyone, yes I am affiliated with Writers Work and I will get a small commission if you join. But I do so because I know this is the best freelancer tool because I have used it and love it.

I know you will love Writers Work too!

Writers Work - Get Paid to Write

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8 thoughts on “Writers Work Review – An All In One Source For Freelancers

  1. Just for clarity’s sake, did you recieve any kind of compensation from writers.work for this review?

    • Yes Jason, I did receive compensation, but only after I completely tested out Writer’s Work and joined the program. I will never put my name on a program I do not believe in. After joining, I also became an affiliate. Thank you for asking and if you have any suggestions to make Writer’s Work even better, please share them so I can share with Mark.

  2. Would this be a good program for writers with no experience to learn from and start getting experience ?

    • Absolutely Rachel!

      Mark and the Writer’s Work team even instituted Writers Work University that will guide you in the best practices for freelancing. Plus, there are a huge amount of jobs to bid on for all levels of freelancers.

      I highly recommend Writer’s Work.

  3. I’ve always been interested in freelance but never knew where to get started! I’ve had a lot of experience in writing with the medical and business industry but never had anything published. Would this really be a good place for me to start considering I am a beginner??

    • Absolutely Mimi!

      The courses in University are great and there are plenty of opportunities to bid on freelance work in both the medical and business niche areas.

      I know you will be elated you joined Writer’s Work.

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