atrocious things with freelancing

The Top 4 Atrocious Things With Freelancing

It seems ironic doesn’t it?

The negative connotations behind the title I chose: the top 4 atrocious things with freelancing. After all, I do normally preach a positive mental attitude. And please understand that for all of you

  • work hard,
  • meet deadlines,
  • high quality,
  • no sleep

freelancers, I still preach

Stay Positive!

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As a matter of fact, if you feel any sense that this post may draw you into a negative frame of mind, don’t read it!

You see, I wanted to flip channels for this post because there are so many people who have the gall to say they could do what I do and they have never tried.

And there are that other batch of people who think they can freelance and if Simon Cowell (you know, the judge on American Idol) were judging their freelance performance, he would tell them to throw their pen, paper and laptop away and go flip burgers at McDonalds or greet people at Walmart.

And worse of all, the ones who call themselves freelancers but are essentially thieves. They invest in a spinning software and take articles someone else wrote and “spin” them.

As an example of “spun” words, we will take the last paragraph I just wrote: Most terrible of all, the people who say they freelance could be crooks. They spend money on a twirling software and take content another person wrote and twirl them.

It is quite easy to recognize spun content and while it will show up as original content, it is still stealing in my opinion.

But enough of that…

I want people who may be considering the world of freelancing to know it isn’t just a nice sail boat ride on the lake. Sometimes it is like riding a kayak through a hurricane.

So if you believe you can handle the atrocious things, you probably have what it takes to be a freelancer.

#1 Atrocious Things With Freelancing: The Money Roller Coaster

If you are a person who, no matter how much moolah you bring in, lives paycheck to paycheck, you may want to really take a hard look if freelancing is for you.

I guarantee that when you start freelancing, you will have “I’m rich” weeks or months and you will have “Bread and water” months and weeks.

Now over time, I have managed to gain steady clients so I know I will always have, but it still is not guaranteed.

I also suggest having other forms of income…

  • affiliate marketing
  • books and ebooks
  • a blog
  • and one that has been doing great for me, cryptocurrency

#2 Atrocious Things With Freelancing: Clients Who Want Diamonds For The Price Of Rhinestones

I believe any freelancer who has done this work for 6 months or longer has run into 1 of these clients.

They want a lot for a little!

This is when you have to be the “asshole.”

Sorry that I used such a demeaning term, but it is a fact. But you still must be the likable crevice that releases digested excrement. (was that better?) Remember that clients know other clients, so you need to let them know that you just cannot justify doing their project for such low costs… “Maybe you should try Fiverr,” I will tell them.

#3 Atrocious Things With Freelancing: The Undercutters

The world of freelancing is competitive. It can be frustrating when you know you need the work, so you bid a job lower than usual knowing that there is no way anyone could feasibly go any lower without losing money.

Remember I mentioned Fiverr?

There are a ton of the people I am about to mention on that site… The undercutters.

Let’s say you bid $50 for a 2,000 word blog post (quite low). Here comes Fariq Sizdonkey who tells the client he will do it for $40.

It sucks, but understand 1 very important thing here. It isn’t Fariq’s fault. He is trying to make money too. The client is the one who will kick himself when that post needs to be edited, if not completely rewritten.

You probably did not want that client anyway… Keep bidding.

#4 Atrocious Things With Freelancing: Lack Of Benefits Associated With Normal Employment

When you get medical insurance at a place of employment, many times the employer pays a percentage. Even if they don’t, the rates are usually lower because of the huge group.

You need insurance!

  • Vacation
  • Retirement plans
  • Sick leave
  • Etc…

You get NONE as a freelancer.

Atrocious Things With Freelancing: Ghostwriting

I still do it and it can really suck… So I charge more to not have my name on my writing; a lot more!

You can’t use it in your portfolio and you should never tell people you wrote it unless you are ready to lose that client. Word does get around!

But, you know…

What is really atrocious is that I feel I need to write this atrocious and negative post!


I love what I do and I would not change it for the world.

Yea, like anything, there are things that suck, but I find freelancing to be the best career I ever decided to take on.

So if you think you can put up with the atrocious things I listed, go for it. Become my competitor. I like the challenge and I really do hope you are even better than me. Good luck with that!

But I will help you if you want. Get your Personal Freelancer Consultation by clicking here.

Let’s tackle this atrocious life of freelancing together.

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