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100% Or Less? 5 Tips For Giving Clients Your All

Ask freelancers around the world their why… Why did you choose to become a freelancer?

Answers will come in many ways:

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  • I need extra money.
  • My company downsized and my job was cut.
  • Because a friend or family member is doing it and doing well.
  • To be my own boss.
  • Daycare is too expensive.
  • Etc…

While these are good reasons to become a freelancer, I worry that the people answering in this fashion consider freelancing just a job. And we all know that very few people give 100% to a job.

Personally, I wanted to own a business; I love writing and freelancing seemed to be the way to achieve both.

Take the 2 together, a business must have 100% of the owners attention or failure is inevitable, and I love writing, so giving 100% to it just comes natural. But I must admit that there are some subjects that I am contracted to write about that could easily turn the task into just a job. So I must consciously understand that my business is on the line so I must give 100%.

I must give clients my all!

Do you struggle with this from time to time. Does it feel like a job instead of your business? I want to help!

Here are 5 tips for giving your clients your all.

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Giving Clients Your All Tip #1: Ensure You Know Exactly What He/She Needs On Every Task

It is as simple as asking questions…

I am of the firm belief that there is no stupid question. Even if the client acts as if you should know the answer, just explain that you want to make sure you “cover every base” so that you can provide them with material that will need no revisions.

Most clients will understand that and even if they don’t, you will have what you need to give that client the best you have.

So do not be fearful of asking questions. But be sure you write down the answers so you do not ask the same question again.

Giving Clients Your All Tip #2: Over-Deliver

There are many ways you can over-deliver as a freelancer. As a freelance writer who provides an array of blog posts, I will often write more words than was required, add an SEO campaign into the mix or just simply share to all the groups and communities I belong to on social media.

When you just give a little extra, the majority of clients will notice. I have kept many clients just because of over-delivery.

Giving Clients Your All Tip #3: Be On Time Every Time

myAgenda at Now!Of course, you should know that meeting deadlines is a must!

I really should not have to even mention that. But there is another area where some freelancers slack. I like to call it Puerto Rican timing.

I am not making fun of the natives in the wonderful land I reside in, but when it comes to timing, most of them will be late to their own funeral; and that actually sounds like a good thing, so skip the every time thing in the headline. It’s okay to be late to your funeral.

But on average, the Puerto Rican culture has a tendency to show up late to meetings and other things.

As a freelancer, don’t use Puerto Rican timing. If you have a meeting with a client, be on time. 5-10 minutes early may even be better.

If they see your on time to these small things, they know you will be timely with the big things.

Giving Clients Your All Tip #4: Ask Before Accepting Work From The Competition

At first, I was going to tell you to say no to any competitors of your current clients. But I realized that I currently do write for several clients who are in competition with each other.

But guess what?

Those clients all know I write for the competition.

And I will NEVER write a piece that takes a direct shot at the other. That is stipulated with these clients. And, they are all okay with that.

So be wise when you face this issue and always ask your current client if their competitor asks you to do work for them.

Giving Clients Your All Tip #5: Offer Strategic Opinions

I want to first say that you need to be wise with this tip. Some clients do not want your suggestions, they just want the work they are paying you to do. You need to “read” your clients on this tip.

But the majority of clients are entrepreneurs who are willing to listen to any and all suggestions. They may not implement them, but if you see something that could help

  • speed the process,
  • gain more revenues,
  • build trust,
  • etc…

Give the suggestion and then get to work doing what you do best!


Why did I write this post?

I see so many freelancers who get a client and do 1 job and never hear from that client again. It has happened with me too, but I have many other clients who keep coming back.

And when I raised my rates, they still stayed.

It is because I give 100% or more… Never less!

So giving your clients your all is the answer to a long and profitable freelance career.

Do you believe these tips helped you? Do you want more?

I can give you an extensive personal freelancer consultation for a low charge that will help you see where you can improve and grow to become the best freelancer you can be. Just click here, fill out the form and pay the low charge. In a short time, I will give you what you need to become better at this thing we call freelancing.

Thanks for stopping in today and if you found this valuable, share it!

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