10 Tips to Have A Profitable Freelancer Mindset

When you’re a Freelancer, you need many a skill, and one of the most important tools we can arm ourselves with is the right mindset.

Mindset consists of many points of interest, and if understood and carried out, a freelancer can create a plethora of profitable habits that will lead to excellence and two big, wonderful words … More income.

So, without further ado, here are 10 Tips to have a profitable freelancer mindset.

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Profitable Freelancer Mindset Tip # 1: Self-Motivation

There are many perks in being a freelancer, and one of the main luxuries is to be able to freelance from anywhere:

  • Your home
  • The Beach
  • Coffee shop

The list is un-ending but, having the proper mindset in performing your daily tasks can be a bit tricky with all of this freedom, and no one, is creating a set schedule, but yourself.

It is easy to get caught up in everything, or nothing at all and before you know it, the day has passed!

Find out when you are most productive through your day, this will be your time to shine and get those creative freelance juices flowing!

Ask yourself, when am I the most focused?

  • Mornings
  • Afternoons
  • Evenings

Profitable Freelancer Mindset Tip # 2: You’re Allowed to Decline

The life of a freelancer is extremely different then “working for the man” so to speak. And although in many cases, your freelancing is created in you’re time, there are times you need to work!

There will be people in your immediate life that do not agree or understand this because they are not a freelancer and want you to do things if you have the time.

  • Set time aside for relaxation when your not in your freelancing mindset (remember …Mornings, afternoons, evenings)?
  • Remember, It’s alright to just say no …

Profitable Freelancer Tip # 3: It’s Alright That You’re a Freelancer

Lone wolf, introvert, loner… Have you heard these words recently?

If you are passionate about being a freelancer, love what you do, and are inspiring or already are making a living in being a freelancer, there is only one tip I will offer you on this matter:

  • “Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words will never hurt me”. Of course, your words written can, so don’t worry what others think and be the best freelancer you can be!

Profitable Freelancer Mindset Tip # 4: New Freelancers: Don’t Give Up!

go up

If you are a new Freelancer, there will be dry-spells at times. By no means does this signify that you are a bad freelancer, not professional, or will never get work! Here are a few things to help your personal mindset each day:

  • Wake up each day and tell yourself: I am a great freelancer!
  • I am doing this for me!
  • Today I will succeed!

Positive vibes sendoff positivity!

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Profitable Freelancer Mindset Tip # 5: How to Handle Rejections

When you’re a freelancer, there are things you must incorporate in your mindset, and learning to overcome rejection, believe it or not, is a win … Here are a few things to do if your freelancing piece gets the big no…

  • If re-writes are allowed, go over with a fine tooth comb. You would be surprised at how many turn-around articles your capable of.
  • If the answer is a grounded (no) keep in mind that you, as a freelancer did your best, and there are people out there that can never be pleased.
  • Keep Pitching!

Profitable Freelancer Mindset Tip # 6: You Are Your Own Boss

If you are a new freelancer or even a polished freelancer, you must remember that you are your own boss. You, and only you, have the last word and can accept freelancing work or decline freelancing work. Allow yourself to have the mindset to say yes… or no.

Profitable Freelancer Mindset Tip # 7: Running on Empty

You have been staring at your work for the past few hours and have nothing but an empty canvas so to speak… Here are a few suggestions to put your mindset back on track:

  • If working in your home, switch to a different room
  • Step away and have a healthy snack
  • Go outside and take in the world for a few moments

Profitable Freelance Mindset Tip # 8: Dealing With Competitors

I am sure by now that you are aware that you are not the only freelancer out there and competition can be strong at times. Here is a suggestion to use your professional mindset to put yourself ahead of the others!

  • If an offer is made on a position, counter the offer with a lower price. Consider this a way to get your freelancing foot in the door!

Profitable Freelance Mindset Tip # 9: Networking

Take some time out of your busy day and network! You never know who’s looking to hire or, can genuinely donate useful golden nuggets of information that could help in your freelancing lifestyle!

Profitable Freelance Mindset Tip # 10: Deadlines

This is the big one freelancers! Probably the largest mindset you need to stick to. If you are having issues meeting deadlines, follow these helpful tips.

  • Never take on more than you can handle
  • Allow yourself the time to research
  • Get enough rest so you’re at your Freelancing best
  • Allow yourself enough time to conduct needed edits


These 10 Tips to have a profitable freelancer mindset is just the tip of the iceberg. If you feel you have a suggestion that would help a fellow Freelancer, please feel free to share your ideas below.

And, if you feel like you need extra help, sign up here to get a personal freelancer consultation.

Thanks and have a great day!

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