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About Greg Boudonck and Lancer Life

Greg has been freelancing for a few years. His freelancing talent is writing. This page is about him and the Lancer Life website.about Greg

Noticing that many people are wanting to freelance, Greg has discovered many people just do not know where to start. Others are bidding much too low for the talent they are providing. This is causing some resentment from experienced freelancers because it is much like people crossing picket lines.

Lancer Life’s primary goal is to train people in freelancing methods.

Greg recommends that you subscribe, as he will be sending out newsletters periodically that can keep you up to date on happenings in the freelancing industry. You can do that in the right sidebar.

Greg has written a plethora of blog articles, press releases, and web content. There is a good chance you have read some of his material. He also has well over 50 books published.

Enjoy the website and if you have any questions, just ask and Greg will answer them.

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