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Have you always thought you should write a book about your life?

Have other people said you should write a book?

You just know that your life would be interesting and may even help other people…

But how do you do it?

You have no idea how to go about writing a book.

You don’t have the time or patience.

You may not be good with words.

You don’t know how to get your book published.

Guess What?

You’re in luck today

I have published over 50 books and I know how to write, format and all the other particulars needed to put your book in print.

I do have the time and patience… Well excuse me; I will make the time.

I am a word lover and will find the proper wording to describe you.

I am also quite experienced in the publishing process.

So I know, you are wondering, “What will this cost me?”

Before I answer that, let’s consider some of the many benefits in having a book about you:

  • To leave a remembrance of you to future family
  • For your children and grandchildren
  • Your career possibilities will open wider when you show employers a book about you
  • For your pride
  • and much more

Why I am doing this

I have witnessed many people seeking ghostwriters at various freelance websites to write their book.

They are having a difficult time finding the right person and the cost of the website makes it harder.

So, I am cutting out that middleman.

And I guarantee a book about you that will be loved.

It may not be a huge book, but it will tell people your story in a way no one could ever tell it.

To make sure of this, I will perform up to 5 revisions before publishing after you have reviewed the material.

After all, we want accuracy.

Two ways

I must first tell you that as a writer, I absolutely hate writing something and putting another person’s name as the author.

Yes, I have done it, but I hate it.

So, I have decided to go about this in 2 ways.

  1. I write your book with my name as author. I publish the book under my name and all royalties for sales come to me. I send you 10 copies of the book upon publication that are within the cost of the work. I also provide a special price on the book for you for 1 year after publication.
  2. I write your book with your name as told to me. I publish the book under your name and log in and you receive royalties for the life of the book.


It would be a natural thought that you would wonder if I would just take your money and never write or publish your book.

First, my moral character would never allow me to do that and knowing who I am, you could destroy my personal book sales if I was to do something that devious.


I will only have you pay ½ the price until we have agreed the book is ready to be published.

Once the final payment is sent, I will hit the publish button and you will soon see your name on the front of a book on Amazon and other book sellers.

So for:

Option #1 – The full cost will be $200, and you will have to pay $100 down.


Option #2 – The full cost is $500 with a $250 down payment.

I will need your name, email, phone number, pictures you would want published, and every bit of information you can give me on your life.

You can expect several phone calls or emails from me as I am writing to guarantee I put your life in an accurate portrayal.

It is your time to have your life in print

Just click the button and choose your option.

Do know that it will take me some time to get your life in print properly.

I will keep you updated as we move forward.

Let’s put you in print – Just click below:

Your Book

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