Your Business Needs The Como Advantage

There is a business that can greatly help your business succeed in the mobile world. It is called Como. The Como App Maker Let me first say that mobile is the new thing. Just take a look at people as you are out and view how many of them are staring at their smartphones and tablets. We are a part of the mobile generation, and your business can thrive from … Read more

Freshbooks: A Tool Every Freelancer Should Have


Over 5 million people use FreshBooks to make billing painless Why You Should Have Freshbooks [ig_notice color=”green”]I am affiliated with Freshbooks. I am writing this post because I believe in their products, but do know that any purchases through this website does earn me a slight commission[/ig_notice] Freshbooks is one tool that every freelancer should have. As a matter of fact, every business should use the great software that Freshbooks … Read more

So, What Is Your Story?

tell your story

The Story I felt this post was so important for freelancers and others, that I am also sending it out in a newsletter too. Sorry if you are receiving it twice, but I was wondering, what is your story? The best way to market is by telling a story. As freelancers, we market ourselves, so we should be able to tell a story about ourselves. How and why did we … Read more

Writing A Proper Job Proposal

Job Proposal The primary step in receiving a freelance job is the proposal you send a client. There has been a large influx of freelancers using a “hack” system in Elance, Upwork and other freelance job sites. They have one proposal that they send to every job listed. In many cases, the proposal does not cover the aspects needed for the job the client posted. This system is hurting all … Read more

How Your Business Benefits By Using Freelance Writers

design a professional clickable image ad for you to post on craigslist backpage Helping Your Business Thrive When a person really takes a close look at the operations of any business, the realization that words are a large part of the everyday activities comes to light. It can be as simple as paperwork for taxes or blog posts and website content. The words may get more technical in nature when … Read more

Sell Yourself

You are what is being sold Ok, let’s get one thing straight right now! You are not just an average Joe or Jane. You are not just a normal freelancer; in fact, there is nothing normal about you. You can move mountains! You can swim the English Channel in 15 minutes! You can do anything at anytime! YOU ARE SUPER FREELANCER! That is the first key when you sell. You … Read more

A Blog Can Boost Your Freelance Business

Why A Blog? I have had several people ask me why I blog. They see just how busy I am and wonder why I take time away from money producing activities to come here to Lancer Life and write an article that I seemingly do not get paid to write. Yes, I am busy! At this point in time, I have several articles that need to be completed, along with … Read more

Writing A Proper Press Release

Press Release Writing And Distribution As a freelance writer, I often find that I get opportunities to create press releases. Press releases can be a great marketing tool. No matter your freelancing business, understanding how to properly write and distribute a press release can be a huge advantage. You can use them to give a boost for your business, or you can get paid to develop press releases for others. … Read more

Overlooked Freelance Writing Markets

Writing Markets As writers, we often have our blinders on. The fact is: there are a ton of overlooked freelance writing markets all around us. In today’s post, I am going to share some highly overlooked writing markets. Depending on your skill levels, experience, and writing tastes, you may find some great ideas here on jobs you can bid on. The Federal Government Yes, the government utilizes freelancers too. In … Read more

Tax Deductions For Freelancers

Save Money With Tax Deductions Yes, we are just past this year’s tax deadline, but for freelancers, we must always consider Uncle Sam’s bill. Tax deductions are a very important aspect of a freelancing business. First, it is wise if you open an interest bearing account and whenever you get paid from a client, deposit 25% of that into that account. This will be your tax bill account. There is … Read more

Smart Freelance Business Practices

smart business

Successful Business Practices No matter what kind of freelance business you operate, there are certain business practices that can help you gain, and hold success. Today’s post will look at some very simple business practices you should always use as a freelance business owner. Solid Contact Information If clients cannot get a hold of you, how are you going to get business? Now some feel they need to put their … Read more

Now In Audio

Puertorriquenos Who Served With Guts, Glory, and Honor: Fighting to Defend a Nation Not Completely Their Own Has received a great response worldwide! Since there are many who like to hear instead of read, we decided to go audible with this book…IT IS COMPLETE! I contracted an actor who had the perfect voice to narrate this book that honors the Puerto Ricans who have served in the United States Military. … Read more

Start Local

local business

Local Businesses Need You So often as freelancers, we are searching the world jungle for prospects and customers. We often neglect the large market that is right in front of our face: LOCAL No matter the freelancing business you are in, there are local customers just waiting for you to call on them for their business. Many business people would much rather give their business to a local freelancer than … Read more

Post Your Free or Premium Freelance Ad on Lancerlife

Boost Your Freelance Business With Free or Premium Ad To have success with any business, a person has to advertise. I am offering a great deal for all of you freelancers to advertise your freelancing business. I am going to offer a free listing (with a cup of coffee donation if you want), or a premium listing for only $15 per year. Just to give you an idea as to … Read more

Wise Freelance Business Practices

Having a successful freelance business can be realized if a person follows some simple guidelines. There are many freelance “pretenders” in the world. To have that success you desire, it is wise to follow these freelance business practices: Having faith in your talents and abilities Just knowing that you have the ability and the talent to complete the jobs you bid on is the first step in success. If you … Read more

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