Website is a Must-Have Tool for Boosting Freelancing Business

Guest Post By Raghabendra Pradhan When you work as a freelancer, getting new clients is the challenge that you face in your early days. This is quite common with most freelancers because credibility in the initial stage of your career is questionable. Once you pass this testing phase, you can have a shy of relief, as getting new projects become comparatively easier for you. For a newcomer, a website can … Read more

Read Me Please

15 Tips On Getting Blog Visitors To Actually Read Your Post It can be frustrating when you see people visit your high-quality blog post only to find they stayed 30, 60 or just 90 seconds. Nobody can read that fast… Can they? As writers and bloggers, we all can face this issue. It sometimes seems that blog posts I assumed would not get readers do and blog posts I … Read more

Scanners, Readers, Bouncers & Dreamers

Why won’t they just read my whole article? So you have written what you believe is the perfect article or blog post. You read it one more time with a smile and hit publish. You just have that feeling this article will go viral. You look at the statistics 3 days later and see that you have had 47 visitors and 19 of them bounced away from your article within … Read more

Top 16 Strategies to Boost Blog Traffic

16 strategies to boost

guest post by Dennis Muigai All websites and blogs are repeatedly looking for new ways to boost blog traffic. There are thousands of blogs out there that only have a few thousand visitors a month yet they post frequently and employ simple SEO techniques. What are they lacking? You may ask yourself, but the answer to this question is not simple. Over the years, big minds in the blogging and … Read more

Top 10 Mistakes that Freelance Writers Make

[ig_notice color=”red”]I was contacted a few days ago from a gentleman who is trying to break into freelance blogging. He asked if I accepted guest posts and I first asked, “How Much?” He told me nothing and I agreed to take a look at his piece. After discovering that he is a Kenyan and reading his work: Top 10 Mistakes that Freelance Writers Make, I was amazed. English being his … Read more

The Top 18 Freelancing Blogs You Should Be Reading

freelance blogs

Subscribe To These Top Freelancing Blogs There are a plethora of blogs about freelancing roaming the internet. As a matter of fact, you are on one now. I do not plan on adding my Lancerlife to the freelancing blogs list I am about to provide you, but I do recommend subscribing so you can keep abreast of new articles I write. I have decided to share with you what I … Read more

Why I Freelance; The Answers To A Question I Asked

Why I Freelance It is a question I am asked from time to time. The best answer I can give is because I love freelancing, and I also can make good money doing so. Tired of being broke? Do something about it. Start your own business. Click here to learn more. It seems that more and more people have turned to freelancing either part-time or full-time. I am a member … Read more

Multiple Income Streams For Freelancers

Income Steams You May Want To Use The freelancing world can sometimes be a roller coaster. I have found myself overloaded with work during periods, and then suddenly the well goes dry. I have learned to save my pennies, dimes and quarters for these dry moments, but I have also learned that the wise freelancer has multiple streams of income. Much of the income I have on the side of … Read more

Up Til Now On Lancer Life

Condusiv Diskeeper 12 Professional – 1 PC, FREE Bitdefender Internet Security 2013 1-Year 1-User To Date On Lancer Life I decided to perform an investigation into what readers enjoy here on Lancer life. What I have discovered is not completely surprising, but I wanted to share with all of you my findings. You can click the title to view the post. Here are The Top 5 posts on Lancer Life … Read more

Why You Will Not Find Me On Fiverr

Oransi Max HEPA Air Purifier I just say no to Fiverr As an internet business, I commend Fiverr. I believe they are doing well. Why??? Because clients want things cheap, and that is why you will not find me working through Fiverr. As an established and talented freelancer, You normally will not find me doing any jobs for $5….unless you want 2 sentences. I believe that many of the freelancers … Read more

No Call, No Show and I Still Have a Job

Caribbean ocean in Puerto Rico

I took 2 days off with no call, and still have a job No I didn’t use vacation days and I had no sick days. I was a no call, and I just took 2 days off in a row. Is my boss angry? Nope, he is actually happy that I did. Ahhh…the life of a freelancer! Memories I remember back when I worked in factories. I dreaded even considering … Read more

Why Every Freelancer Needs Skype


Skype is a useful freelance tool I regularly follow several other freelance writers. It is a great way to learn some tips and tricks of the trade. While I believe I am the best writer, they do have wisdom that I can learn from. One of these people is a world-renowned writer by the name of Bob Bly. I normally agree with the vast amount of opinions Bob has, but … Read more

Freelance Jobs With High Potential

freelance jobs, high growth

Knowledge Box Central – Your Source For Homeschool Adventures! Freelancing is taking the business world by storm. It has become more cost efficient for businesses to outsource many of the daily tasks they have. It is also a better experience for many workers in that they do not have to travel to an office on a daily basis, and they can work the hours they desire, in an environment they … Read more

How Manual Labor Can Help You

manual labor

Do you ever have those days when you wonder why you freelance? I do. Sometimes it seems that my mind goes blank, and I just cannot write properly. Sometimes it seems clients want $500 worth of work for $20. What do you do when your freelance business seems to be running like this? Manual Labor Can Help You Just this morning, I found myself somewhat frustrated with my freelance business. … Read more Scam Site

Scam The website allowed me to post articles I have written. they would mark them up and sell them. I had installed a variety of articles in and 3 of them have sold. On 5/19, I requested a payout. Ghostbloggers have not paid and they have ignored all communication. I have searched out the articles and the people who bought them. I have explained the situation. Ghostbloggers have now … Read more

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