Welcome To Your Independence – Free eBook Review


Knowing my goal to help everyday people understand how to become successful freelancers, my friend Andrew Ward over at AND CO contacted me with their latest creation. “Hey Greg, we knew you would like to review this, so here is a free download of our latest eBook: Welcome To Your Independence. Knowing the great work AND CO does with and for freelancers, I immediately agreed to download the book, but … Read more

Writing A Book: Tips For You

book by Greg Boudonck

So, you have an idea for a book. There are some very important things to consider when publishing your own book. In these days and times, there are many people who write. Some are good, but many really do not have what it takes to be an author. This has made it more difficult for authors to find a publisher. It can be a benefit to just self-publish your own … Read more

Read My Book For Free

author Greg Boudonck

Read For Free I have been super busy with my freelancing business. I feel somewhat bad that I have not had the time to post here on the Lancerlife blog for awhile. Hopefully, all of you have been busy too. Well, I managed to squeak away from all the freelance writing I have scheduled to let all of you in on a freebie. Awhile back, I wrote and published a … Read more

Read Our Book Kayro’s Key For Free

Kayro’s Key For a very short time, we are allowing people the opportunity to read Kayro’s Key for free. I will provide the link to get this fantastic deal down the page further. This is the synopsis of Kayro’s Key: The year is 2080 and island of Puerto Rico and the whole world have reached a point of near extinction for all living things. Kayro is the last surviving golden … Read more

What To Do When Your Freelancing Business Is Slow

Write A Book Yes, I am serious. There will be those times when your freelancing business is at a low momentum, but that doesn’t mean you should lay back and let the waves just carry you wherever they will. I have noticed that my freelance business goes through stages where I have clients knocking at my doors and windows, and I have more work than I can handle. It sometimes … Read more

Free Audio Book For Some In England

Isolist Standard 10-user pack FREE For A Review Not long ago, an actor and I worked together in the creation of an audio book from an already published book I have: Puertorriquenos Who Served With Guts, Glory and Honor. To get some reviews on the United Kingdom Audible outlet, I am offering a few FREE downloads of this audio book. Listen to this sample that Maxwell Zener (The Narrator) made: … Read more

Now In Audio

Puertorriquenos Who Served With Guts, Glory, and Honor: Fighting to Defend a Nation Not Completely Their Own Has received a great response worldwide! Since there are many who like to hear instead of read, we decided to go audible with this book…IT IS COMPLETE! I contracted an actor who had the perfect voice to narrate this book that honors the Puerto Ricans who have served in the United States Military. … Read more

Write A Book

Snoopy writes a book

Writing and publishing a book can build your freelance reputation. Nothing can decorate your portfolio more than a published book. No matter what type of freelancing niche you work in, having a book shows that you are serious. Maybe you have a book written, but you just do not know how to publish it. I will go into that further on. These are a few of the books I have … Read more

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