6 Ways To Supplement Your Variable Income

supplement your variable income

When I first started freelance writing, I was riding the income carnival ride. And I am sure many of you are in the same situation. Especially if you are getting a lot of one-time freelance jobs. There are those weeks when you have money falling out of your wallet… Can we say, “A round for the house!” And on other occasions, we are begging, borrowing but hopefully we haven’t bowed … Read more

How To Grow Your Freelance Business

grow your freelance business

Guest Post By Michelle Bordage There are so many Freelancing opportunities out there and you are part of this wonderful world. But lately, your Freelancing just isn’t busting at the seams; your business is staying at the same level as last week or even last month and you need some answers NOW on how to grow your Freelance Business. WHAT’S A FREELANCER TO DO? First and foremost, you must ask … Read more

10 Freelance Trends – 2017 to 2020

freelance trends

I was feeling prophetic today. It seems little freelance fairies are dancing around my brain feeding it full of information. As the information fills my brain’s data banks, I hear a loud, booming voice in my head that says: Blog these 10 freelance trends from now to 2020 I thought to myself and said aloud “But I am busy doing freelance tasks for clients.” The voice said again, You would … Read more

Reviewing ContentMart

content mart

As a freelance writer and a person managing 2 websites, I know that the content within those websites is ultra-important. I need a ContentMart to keep up. I recently happened upon a website that is beneficial for website owners, blog managers as well as freelancers looking to build their reputation and portfolio. The name of this website is ContentMart ContentMart is an India based content provider system. I studied their … Read more

Revenue Additions For Your Freelance Business

As a freelancer, we can find times where revenues are down. Personally, freelancing is my full-time job, so when money isn’t coming in, I am eating rice and beans instead of steak. What we must always realize is that our freelance business is just that…a business. If you were to research any successful business owner, their primary business is not their only revenue source. They may invest in stocks and … Read more

Your Business Needs The Como Advantage

There is a business that can greatly help your business succeed in the mobile world. It is called Como. The Como App Maker Let me first say that mobile is the new thing. Just take a look at people as you are out and view how many of them are staring at their smartphones and tablets. We are a part of the mobile generation, and your business can thrive from … Read more

Freshbooks: A Tool Every Freelancer Should Have


Over 5 million people use FreshBooks to make billing painless Why You Should Have Freshbooks [ig_notice color=”green”]I am affiliated with Freshbooks. I am writing this post because I believe in their products, but do know that any purchases through this website does earn me a slight commission[/ig_notice] Freshbooks is one tool that every freelancer should have. As a matter of fact, every business should use the great software that Freshbooks … Read more

Why iPage Is My Hosting Choice

[ig_notice color=”red”]Disclosure: I do receive compensation for this review. All opinions that I provide here are my own, and are not forced upon me. If you choose to purchase, I will receive a financial reward.[/ig_notice] iPage Rules The Hosting World I often get asked what web hosting service I use. Today, I will share with you the best hosting service I have found thus far; and believe me, I have … Read more

The Key To Business Success: Quality


Learn how business quality management can solve your woes One of the primary questions of many business people is: Which is best, quality or quantity? Dare we say: both are best, but quality should always take the driver’s seat. The best advice that can be given any struggling business is that developing stronger business quality management can solve many of the issues. For businesses that are not ISO certified, using … Read more

Creating Effective Email Retention Policies

email retention

Email has become a very important instrument in today’s corporate world. Emails are used to generate ideas, rules, and communication from one branch of a company to another. One of the major problems that have crept up in the corporate workplace is email retention. It has become a common occurrence for employees to disregard some emails and just delete them. An email that may not seem important at the time … Read more

Creating A Professional Accountant Website

website design

In today’s world, almost anyone who has a computer, and a little common sense can build and publish a website. When you are searching through websites, you can usually immediately “spot” the sites that were made haphazardly by someone who doesn’t regularly build websites. They are usually very cluttered, colors are arranged in a terrible way, and the content is not worth reading. You probably will not even take the … Read more

Create Compelling Content By Telling Stories

compelling stories, stories

Mead® Large Supply Pouch – School accessories Content that tells and sells You have a product to sell, and/or a service to offer. You develop a great looking website and a Facebook page. Business comes, but not in the amount you had expected or hoped for. The experts told you to have content on your website and to change it regularly. This goes for social media too; you were told … Read more

12 Reasons You Should Outsource

HireWriters.com – Hire talented native English speaking writers to create articles for your website! Reasons To Outsource There are a variety of reasons a person or company should outsource tasks for their business. In today’s post, I am going to point out 12 of the top reasons many businesses are using the outsource model. It can be difficult letting go of some of the business responsibilities, but outsourcing has helped … Read more

Jobs You Should Consider Outsourcing To Freelancers

What you should outsource to freelancers As a business owner, deciding what should be performed in-house and what should be outsourced to freelancers can be a difficult decision. In today’s post, I will provide some of the most common outsourced jobs that you may want to consider utilizing freelancers for. Scroll down and see if any of these are jobs you may want to consider. Social site management Creating posts … Read more

Social Freelancing

social media

Using Social Media To Make Money Are you wondering what you could freelance and make money? Maybe writing long articles is not up your alley. Maybe photography isn’t your cup of tea. How about freelancing something you are good at? Do you spend a lot of time on Facebook? Maybe you are a tweeter at Twitter? Do you just love Pinterest? Are Social Sites fun for you? Well, you can … Read more

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