Welcome To Your Independence – Free eBook Review


Knowing my goal to help everyday people understand how to become successful freelancers, my friend Andrew Ward over at AND CO contacted me with their latest creation. “Hey Greg, we knew you would like to review this, so here is a free download of our latest eBook: Welcome To Your Independence. Knowing the great work AND CO does with and for freelancers, I immediately agreed to download the book, but … Read more

Add Freelance Value With Simplilearn


Lancerlife is affiliated with this company. As such, we do earn a commission on sales made when clicking through and purchasing products or services. The Value of Simplilearn The price we charge is consistent with the value we offer. Clients do look closely at a freelancer’s education and experience. If we are able to demonstrate a higher value, we can charge higher rates and clients will be happy to pay … Read more

Freelance Journalism: A Wise Choice

Freelance The News Everyday there is a news story in progress. While many newspapers and other news venues hire reporters and journalists, they also will often purchase well written news stories from freelancers. Freelance journalism is a great choice when you are considering who to write for. There are several things you should know about journalistic writing. Journalism Principles Nothing but the truth. The readers and community are your primary … Read more

Multiple Income Streams

“Profitable – By Design!” Ebook Create Income Streams Many years ago, my Grandfather stressed to me that I should never “put all my eggs in one basket.” As a farmer in Eastern Iowa, he had learned that having multiple streams of income were the only way to have success in life. He grew corn, baled hay and straw, raised chickens to sell eggs and for the meat, raised cows, along … Read more

Writing A Proper Press Release

Press Release Writing And Distribution As a freelance writer, I often find that I get opportunities to create press releases. Press releases can be a great marketing tool. No matter your freelancing business, understanding how to properly write and distribute a press release can be a huge advantage. You can use them to give a boost for your business, or you can get paid to develop press releases for others. … Read more

Free Courses For Freelancers


Free Is Fun! Here Are Some Free Courses. I don’t know about you, but I like things I can get for free. Just a few examples are, I don’t use Microsoft Office, but instead I use the FREE Libre Office. I usually will never pay for parking, but I will walk a little further and take the FREE parking as in the picture. I have discovered that we can never … Read more

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