The Ethics of Ghostwriting


Is ghostwriting ethical? It is a question flipped around the inner social circles of writers, editors and college professors on a regular basis… “Is ghostwriting ethical?” As a freelance writer, I find myself at the core of this debate. If I do ghostwrite a piece for a person, am I breaking an unwritten ethical rule? The first thing I must say to this is: If it is a college thesis, … Read more

8 Tips Of Wisdom For Freelancers

8 Tips For You With over 7 years of freelance writing experience, and much more just dealing with sales, customers and people in general, I felt that I should offer 8 tips of wisdom for freelancers in today’s post. Copy these tips and put them on your bathroom mirror. Follow them and watch you freelance business succeed. Have you read my free eBook yet? If you didn’t sign up and … Read more

I Joined A Freelancers Union

Freelancers Union

Freelancers Union In most aspects, I have always been “wary” of the union. I have watched as family and friends have stood on picket lines because their union told them to and soon found themselves unable to feed their families. When I was young, I had a brick thrown through my windshield because I came across a picket line at a meat-packing plant. I have seen the outrageous “dues” some … Read more

Morals And Ethics In Freelance

Do you stand by your morals and ethics? As a freelancer, we can often find ourselves tugged into breaking our morals and ethics. Personally, I just won’t, but the temptation is often present. In these days, many traditional businesses have been getting sued for following the morals they have been taught since early in life. When a person doesn’t have the ability to refuse to do business on the grounds … Read more

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