5 Tips For Self Publishing Your Book

self publish

With over 50 books written and published (you can get my best ones above)… Self published, I have made my share of mistakes and have had successes. I don’t want you to have to go through the learning curve I had to, so I have decided to give you some important tips that I know will help you when self publishing your book. I also recommend that you get the … Read more

6 Ways To Supplement Your Variable Income

supplement your variable income

When I first started freelance writing, I was riding the income carnival ride. And I am sure many of you are in the same situation. Especially if you are getting a lot of one-time freelance jobs. There are those weeks when you have money falling out of your wallet… Can we say, “A round for the house!” And on other occasions, we are begging, borrowing but hopefully we haven’t bowed … Read more

9 Tips To Attract Freelance Clients

attract freelance clients

As a freelancer your ultimate goal is having clients and making money. I have had freelancers from all walks ask me how I attract clients. I must admit that it isn’t a subject that I dwell on because I have been busy working on the tasks I have been contracted for. But, I decided to look deep into the freelance client attraction subject in an effort to help my fellow … Read more

Website is a Must-Have Tool for Boosting Freelancing Business

Guest Post By Raghabendra Pradhan When you work as a freelancer, getting new clients is the challenge that you face in your early days. This is quite common with most freelancers because credibility in the initial stage of your career is questionable. Once you pass this testing phase, you can have a shy of relief, as getting new projects become comparatively easier for you. For a newcomer, a website can … Read more

In The Beginning: Tips For The New Freelancer

in the beginning

Guest Post By Michelle Bordage Becoming a new freelancer was a calling that I felt from deep within. I’m still learning as I go and will continue as I go on. When I began this journey (not that long ago) an amazingly seasoned freelancer took time from his busy day to show me some of the ropes, in return I told him I would do the same for someone else. … Read more

Freelance Strife: The Top 4 Struggles We Face


Much of the nation and the world is jumping into the world of freelancing. The opportunity to be your own boss and not have to commute paints a lovely picture, but the freelance life does not come without freelance strife. There are struggles that only freelancers can really comprehend. I have been freelancing full time for approximately 8 years. And freelancing has been good to me but it is not … Read more

Contena – A Review


I have noticed a common denominator, many sites that play the medium between freelancers and businesses needing freelancers are charging higher rates while overall rates being paid by outsourcers on these websites seem to be diminishing. To be quite honest, I seldom bid on freelance jobs at places such as Upwork and I will not work at content generation sites like Textbrokers… And don’t even mention creating an account at … Read more

When You Buy You Could Sell: Getting Clients From Online Purchases

clients from sales

At this point in my freelance career, I have no shortage of clients. I was telling one of my favorite clients that I was extremely overloaded with work and he proceeded to tell me to raise my rates. “If they want to buy the best, they have to pay the price,” he said as he told me he would now pay me more for the work I did for him. … Read more

Steps I Used For Success At Freelance Writing


What is freelance writing success? Wow, I just watched the short intro video I made and I have suddenly realized I am getting old. But does age stop a person? Does it slow a person down? Not this guy! I have shared the story as to how I started into freelancing, but I have never shared the complete steps I used to get to the success level I am at. … Read more

Who Are You Listening To?


This world is full of opinionated people. I have discovered that while some of those opinions should be considered, a large percentage of those opinions should be thrown into the trash and not into our thinking. As a new freelancer, you will… Probably have people tell you: There is no money in freelancing There is no future in freelancing You can’t You won’t You shouldn’t etc, etc and etc… Should … Read more

What Is Holding You Back?

holding you back

Well here we are… A New Year. What are your goals for 2017? Have you determined a plan of action or is there something holding you back? Whether you are a freelancer or an entrepreneur, you must determine what is holding you back so you can move forward to ultimate success. I am going to go through some of the main reasons people use that are hold backs. We will … Read more

6 Passive Income Ideas For Freelancers In 2017

passive income

I love my work as a freelance writer and I will say that the pay is not bad either. But, I can always use other ways to make more money as I am sure you could too. I only have so many hours of the day I can write, so income must be generated in ways that do not entail my time. Hence… Passive Income. Passive income is money generated … Read more

Words: They Can Make Or Break Sales


What is he or she has that I don’t? Why are they getting sales and I am using the same system and getting nothing? Sales are your lifeblood There can be a variety of reasons that sales are not flowing for you and they are for others. Sometimes it may be your attitude. It could be your level of confidence. Or you may be coming across desperate. But a common … Read more

The Biggest Website Question I Am Asked

website needs

Updated With Some Important Information For The Visually Impaired I was recently contacted about a review that is focusing on people with visual impairments… If you are facing challenges with your vision but you still want to start a website or a blog, you really want to go check out this review from Who Is Hosting This: The Best Web Hosting of 2017 Do I Need a Website? In our … Read more

Have You Considered Guest Posting?

Guest Can Apply Here I just recently started another website. You can view it at ConAware. I have found myself quite busy trying to manage everything and I think that contracting an occasional guest poster might be a wise move on my part. Do you have what it takes? I am open to brand new freelancers. It will be a good way to get some material for your portfolio. I … Read more

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