The Client Conundrum: 6 Tips On Landing Great Freelance Clients

client conundrum

I must say that I followed my dream and became a freelance writer. That dream was filled with some obstacles and I had to learn and grow from them. One of the learning experiences was landing clients. I called it the client conundrum For some time, I worked with content factories that would take a percentage of my earnings. I felt embarrassed to show someone a viral piece of content … Read more

10 Freelance Trends – 2017 to 2020

freelance trends

I was feeling prophetic today. It seems little freelance fairies are dancing around my brain feeding it full of information. As the information fills my brain’s data banks, I hear a loud, booming voice in my head that says: Blog these 10 freelance trends from now to 2020 I thought to myself and said aloud “But I am busy doing freelance tasks for clients.” The voice said again, You would … Read more

7 Promotion Strategies & Tips For The Freelance Business Owner

go up

How can you actively promote your freelance business without seeming like a spam artist, or an egotistical maniac? There are promotion strategies flying around everywhere. Of these tips and strategies are great, others are good and many are terrible. I am going to stick with the great and good freelance business owner promotion strategies. Do keep in mind that your first order of business should be Make sure you have … Read more

How To Write Superb Marketing Content: 7 Tips

superb marketing content

The majority of freelance writing gigs I perform are marketing content. The goal is to Have the reader give their contact information Entice the reader to click into an affiliate ad Or have the reader purchase something But you cannot use tactics that a door-to-door salesman, a telemarketer or one of those “wild-eyed” people standing in the center zone of the local mall use. No, excellent marketing content carries a … Read more

Words: They Can Make Or Break Sales


What is he or she has that I don’t? Why are they getting sales and I am using the same system and getting nothing? Sales are your lifeblood There can be a variety of reasons that sales are not flowing for you and they are for others. Sometimes it may be your attitude. It could be your level of confidence. Or you may be coming across desperate. But a common … Read more

The Biggest Website Question I Am Asked

website needs

Updated With Some Important Information For The Visually Impaired I was recently contacted about a review that is focusing on people with visual impairments… If you are facing challenges with your vision but you still want to start a website or a blog, you really want to go check out this review from Who Is Hosting This: The Best Web Hosting of 2017 Do I Need a Website? In our … Read more

9 Ways To Get Noticed By Potential Clients

stand out to potential clients

It is becoming a freelance world. As more and more people turn to freelancing as an income source, it is important that we take measures that will help potential clients take notice of us. Besides being a freelancer, we are also marketers. Maybe marketing is not your freelance niche, but it does need to be in your aspect of drawing potential clients into the mood to contract your services. I … Read more

8 Smart Investments For Freelancers


All businesses must make smart investments. If not, they are surely doomed. For freelancers, it is no different. Some people may assume that freelancing is a hobby, and I guess for some individuals, that is true. But for the majority of freelancers, the work we do is a business. So, we must also make smart investments to help our business grow. In this post, I am going to share 8 … Read more

Your Business Needs The Como Advantage

There is a business that can greatly help your business succeed in the mobile world. It is called Como. The Como App Maker Let me first say that mobile is the new thing. Just take a look at people as you are out and view how many of them are staring at their smartphones and tablets. We are a part of the mobile generation, and your business can thrive from … Read more

Why iPage Is My Hosting Choice

[ig_notice color=”red”]Disclosure: I do receive compensation for this review. All opinions that I provide here are my own, and are not forced upon me. If you choose to purchase, I will receive a financial reward.[/ig_notice] iPage Rules The Hosting World I often get asked what web hosting service I use. Today, I will share with you the best hosting service I have found thus far; and believe me, I have … Read more

So, What Is Your Story?

tell your story

The Story I felt this post was so important for freelancers and others, that I am also sending it out in a newsletter too. Sorry if you are receiving it twice, but I was wondering, what is your story? The best way to market is by telling a story. As freelancers, we market ourselves, so we should be able to tell a story about ourselves. How and why did we … Read more

How To Keep Working Consistently: Bidding


Keep Bidding I often hear freelancers saying they have difficulty staying busy. There could be several factors that cause this: You are over charging. If your prices are outrageous, many will find someone who fits their budget. You are under charging. When I started freelancing, my prices were lower than my competitors. I wasn’t getting hired, and I noticed clients were paying higher rates. Many clients assume that if your … Read more

I AM a Freelancer!


Freelancer does not equal freeloader I have noticed a common denominator when freelancers are asked what they do for a living. Many skirt the question as if there is a bad stigma related with freelancing. Personally, I am proud I am a freelancer. Not just anyone can be a freelancer, and it is harder work than people can imagine. Here it is Sunday, and while others are out playing, I … Read more

How Your Business Benefits By Using Freelance Writers

design a professional clickable image ad for you to post on craigslist backpage Helping Your Business Thrive When a person really takes a close look at the operations of any business, the realization that words are a large part of the everyday activities comes to light. It can be as simple as paperwork for taxes or blog posts and website content. The words may get more technical in nature when … Read more

Sell Yourself

You are what is being sold Ok, let’s get one thing straight right now! You are not just an average Joe or Jane. You are not just a normal freelancer; in fact, there is nothing normal about you. You can move mountains! You can swim the English Channel in 15 minutes! You can do anything at anytime! YOU ARE SUPER FREELANCER! That is the first key when you sell. You … Read more

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