6 Ways To Supplement Your Variable Income

supplement your variable income

When I first started freelance writing, I was riding the income carnival ride. And I am sure many of you are in the same situation. Especially if you are getting a lot of one-time freelance jobs. There are those weeks when you have money falling out of your wallet… Can we say, “A round for the house!” And on other occasions, we are begging, borrowing but hopefully we haven’t bowed … Read more

6 Passive Income Ideas For Freelancers In 2017

passive income

I love my work as a freelance writer and I will say that the pay is not bad either. But, I can always use other ways to make more money as I am sure you could too. I only have so many hours of the day I can write, so income must be generated in ways that do not entail my time. Hence… Passive Income. Passive income is money generated … Read more

Multiple Income Streams For Freelancers

Income Steams You May Want To Use The freelancing world can sometimes be a roller coaster. I have found myself overloaded with work during periods, and then suddenly the well goes dry. I have learned to save my pennies, dimes and quarters for these dry moments, but I have also learned that the wise freelancer has multiple streams of income. Much of the income I have on the side of … Read more

Freelance Writers: What To Do When Jobs Are Complete

?? What To Do ?? If you are a wise freelance writer, you plan out your day. So what happens when you either get your work done quicker than expected, or the clients are not ordering. What do you do? You still want to make money, but there seems to be no work. Hold on!! There are some places you can go to still make some extra money. Have you … Read more

Multiple Income Streams

“Profitable – By Design!” Ebook Create Income Streams Many years ago, my Grandfather stressed to me that I should never “put all my eggs in one basket.” As a farmer in Eastern Iowa, he had learned that having multiple streams of income were the only way to have success in life. He grew corn, baled hay and straw, raised chickens to sell eggs and for the meat, raised cows, along … Read more

How Much Should A Freelancer Charge Clients?

Making Bids How much a freelancer charges a client depends on many different factors. These may include: Type of job Experience of the freelancer Estimated time involved Added costs Etc… In other articles, I have, and will share locations where a freelancer can find jobs to bid on, and clients a freelancer can contact. It does always help to have knowledge as to what the client’s budget is. With that … Read more

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