Things You Should Look for When Hiring a Freelance Web Developer

  These days, having an excellent website is almost a necessity for all businesses regardless of the industry that they are in. If you want to build an excellent website that looks as good as it functions, though, you’ll need to hire a talented web developer. Outlined below are five tips that you can put to use when searching for a freelance web developer in order to ensure that you … Read more

Contena – A Review


I have noticed a common denominator, many sites that play the medium between freelancers and businesses needing freelancers are charging higher rates while overall rates being paid by outsourcers on these websites seem to be diminishing. To be quite honest, I seldom bid on freelance jobs at places such as Upwork and I will not work at content generation sites like Textbrokers… And don’t even mention creating an account at … Read more

Finding High Quality Freelancers: The Top 7 Methods

high quality freelancers

While many of the posts on this website are geared towards freelancers, I wanted to give some tips to clients that are looking for freelancers to outsource some of their work to. I am sure the majority of clients want the best quality possible, so I am going to share 7 of the top methods to find high quality freelancers. Before I get started though, I must mention that you … Read more

Creating Effective Email Retention Policies

email retention

Email has become a very important instrument in today’s corporate world. Emails are used to generate ideas, rules, and communication from one branch of a company to another. One of the major problems that have crept up in the corporate workplace is email retention. It has become a common occurrence for employees to disregard some emails and just delete them. An email that may not seem important at the time … Read more

12 Reasons You Should Outsource – Hire talented native English speaking writers to create articles for your website! Reasons To Outsource There are a variety of reasons a person or company should outsource tasks for their business. In today’s post, I am going to point out 12 of the top reasons many businesses are using the outsource model. It can be difficult letting go of some of the business responsibilities, but outsourcing has helped … Read more

Jobs You Should Consider Outsourcing To Freelancers

What you should outsource to freelancers As a business owner, deciding what should be performed in-house and what should be outsourced to freelancers can be a difficult decision. In today’s post, I will provide some of the most common outsourced jobs that you may want to consider utilizing freelancers for. Scroll down and see if any of these are jobs you may want to consider. Social site management Creating posts … Read more

Outsourcers: Longer Is Better

Pay More and Make More This blog post is directed primarily to outsourcers, and also to any of you who maintain a blog. Longer IS better! The fact is, long blog posts are read more and generate more, and better business. While many people may argue with it, Neil Patel from ran an A/B test and proved that his long content generated more business and kept people on for … Read more

Reviewing Upwork

Upwork Before I start on this review of Upwork, I must admit that I am a person who hates change. Personally, I am of an “old school” thought pattern that if something is working…Don’t fix it. But, I have had to learn to accept change, especially when I have no control over some changes. After all…. I was once told a wise statement: The only thing we can truly change … Read more

Freelancing Will Help Save The Environment

Puerto Rico sun

Green Freelancing You know, freelancing is helping save the environment. I recently read an excellent blog post from Wordfence WordPress Security called Commuting Kills. They are completely right in this article…commuting does kill. It kills the person quicker that is commuting. It risks pedestrians and other drivers, but most of all, it is polluting the environment. The environmental impact from this shows: 299 million metric tonnes of CO2 every year … Read more

SEO Should Be Your 2nd Priority

SEO is second

Make SEO 2nd In today’s post, I am directing this to both outsourcers and freelancers. I find so many people “hip hopping” to get the best SEO (search engine optimization). Yes, we all want our material at the top of major search engines quickly, but should that be your first priority? Speaking from personal opinion, I say no. So why do I say this? Keywords and Key Phrases I often … Read more

Will IBM Watson Harm Freelance Businesses?

Watson wins

IBM Watson and your business IBM Watson is a “super computer.” Watson is like a human brain on steroids. It can train itself. Watson is starting to be utilized in many applications. You may call a help center and have a human help you fix a technical problem with your computer. You wonder how this human is able to fix the issue so quickly. You have called other help centers … Read more

Key Websites Displaying Freelance Jobs


Find Freelance Jobs Over the years that I have been freelancing, I have found good websites and bad websites for finding and bidding on freelancing opportunities. As a writer, I primarily use the websites that cater to writers, but some of them do have listings for other freelancer talents. Below, I am going to share the websites that have worked well for me, and i have also performed some research … Read more

Freelance Jobs With High Potential

freelance jobs, high growth

Knowledge Box Central – Your Source For Homeschool Adventures! Freelancing is taking the business world by storm. It has become more cost efficient for businesses to outsource many of the daily tasks they have. It is also a better experience for many workers in that they do not have to travel to an office on a daily basis, and they can work the hours they desire, in an environment they … Read more

I AM a Freelancer!


Freelancer does not equal freeloader I have noticed a common denominator when freelancers are asked what they do for a living. Many skirt the question as if there is a bad stigma related with freelancing. Personally, I am proud I am a freelancer. Not just anyone can be a freelancer, and it is harder work than people can imagine. Here it is Sunday, and while others are out playing, I … Read more

oDesk Is Now Upwork

For both freelancers and outsourcers, you just may want to know that not long ago, Elance and oDesk merged. Elance has stayed the same. It is a site where I have contracted many jobs, but I was just contacted about adding my information in a brand new site that really isn’t all that brand new. What was oDesk is now called UpWork. The system seems to have changed slightly into … Read more

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