The Client Conundrum: 6 Tips On Landing Great Freelance Clients

client conundrum

I must say that I followed my dream and became a freelance writer. That dream was filled with some obstacles and I had to learn and grow from them. One of the learning experiences was landing clients. I called it the client conundrum For some time, I worked with content factories that would take a percentage of my earnings. I felt embarrassed to show someone a viral piece of content … Read more

What Do Clients Look For In A Freelancer?

Clients want more than A strong portfolio. Yes, your résumé and portfolio are important, but there are other things that are much more important. Savvy clients will look at these items more than your portfolio, because a freelancer could essentially put anything in a portfolio. Responsiveness The time it takes you to respond to a possible client can be a sure sign on your work ethics. I am not saying … Read more

The First Year of Freelancing

freelancing first year

Freelancing Year 1 I will not forget my first year of freelancing. At times I thought I may starve. I was taking jobs far below the going rate for the quality of writing I was providing. I learned some important lessons through that first year of freelancing. I am writing this article to help first year freelancers not face the same issues I did. Don’t quit your day job Personally, … Read more

Time to Move to Upwork

elance and upwork

Time To Move Some time back Elance and Odesk both merged. Odesk became Upwork and Elance maintained its same system. Personally, I have used Elance much more than Odesk, but I have just been given some news. If you haven’t received the email, Elance will be completely shutting down in 2016. Every freelancer on Elance can migrate their profiles over to Upwork. I have already done so, but I also … Read more

8 Tips Of Wisdom For Freelancers

8 Tips For You With over 7 years of freelance writing experience, and much more just dealing with sales, customers and people in general, I felt that I should offer 8 tips of wisdom for freelancers in today’s post. Copy these tips and put them on your bathroom mirror. Follow them and watch you freelance business succeed. Have you read my free eBook yet? If you didn’t sign up and … Read more

Freelance Journalism: A Wise Choice

Freelance The News Everyday there is a news story in progress. While many newspapers and other news venues hire reporters and journalists, they also will often purchase well written news stories from freelancers. Freelance journalism is a great choice when you are considering who to write for. There are several things you should know about journalistic writing. Journalism Principles Nothing but the truth. The readers and community are your primary … Read more

Challenge Yourself

Freelancer Challenge No matter how much freelancing experience you have, or how much work you have going. No matter how much money you are making…there is always room for more. Am I wrong? I am proposing a freelancer challenge. I propose that you look at the current amount of work you currently are committed to completing for a 2 week period. I would say that I write on an average … Read more

You Need A Professional Resume & Portfolio

Do You Have A Resume? Do You Have A Portfolio? No matter your position in life, you absolutely need a resume & portfolio which can build your reputation. Whether you are looking for normal employment or you are a freelancer searching for clients, having a professional resume & portfolio will attract the jobs or clients you are searching for. I Have A Special Deal For You! I Will Create A … Read more

Important Tips For All Freelancers

important tips

Important Tips You Need To Know No matter what type of freelancing you do….writer, graphic design, photographer, etc…there are some important items you need to remember. These important tips will help you succeed and make more money. I suggest you either write these down or print them off and use them. Remember that freelancing is a business, and you need to treat it like a business. If you just run … Read more

Smart Freelance Business Practices

smart business

Successful Business Practices No matter what kind of freelance business you operate, there are certain business practices that can help you gain, and hold success. Today’s post will look at some very simple business practices you should always use as a freelance business owner. Solid Contact Information If clients cannot get a hold of you, how are you going to get business? Now some feel they need to put their … Read more

Post Your Free or Premium Freelance Ad on Lancerlife

Boost Your Freelance Business With Free or Premium Ad To have success with any business, a person has to advertise. I am offering a great deal for all of you freelancers to advertise your freelancing business. I am going to offer a free listing (with a cup of coffee donation if you want), or a premium listing for only $15 per year. Just to give you an idea as to … Read more

Write A Book

Snoopy writes a book

Writing and publishing a book can build your freelance reputation. Nothing can decorate your portfolio more than a published book. No matter what type of freelancing niche you work in, having a book shows that you are serious. Maybe you have a book written, but you just do not know how to publish it. I will go into that further on. These are a few of the books I have … Read more

Where And How To Advertise Yourself

From and Brian Scott

You Sell Yourself As a freelancer, you are selling your talents and abilities. Yes, you are selling a service, but more than anything, you are selling yourself. I have found a wonderful mentor in Brian Scott. I have found myself learning a ton of great things from the one who developed the infographic at the top of this post. Brian owns and manages In this post, I will share … Read more

Your Portfolio Is Your Primary Advertising Tool

Your portfolio is you

Your Portfolio Is You! When it comes to developing your portfolio, you just do not want to cut corners. As a matter of fact, as I have been looking at mine, I am going to go back and re-do it. When businesses and individuals look through our portfolios, they are seeing just what makes us “tick.” If, as a writer, you install articles that you wrote that have any slight … Read more

So You Want To Start Freelancing?

Start your life of freelancing If you want to start to freelance your talents either full-time or part-time, there are a few things you should know before beginning. First, I recommend subscribing to this blog, as we will be going through a wide array of tips, tricks, and techniques to aid anyone becoming a freelancer. I have discovered that the world of freelancing can give a very lucrative income, but … Read more

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