The Top Freelance Tools And Software For 2018

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Guest Post By Michelle Bordage With the Holidays approaching fast, and 2018 right around the corner, this is the perfect time for you to check-out not only for yourself, but all of your freelancing family and friends on your Holiday list! How, you ask? 2018 promises to be a BIG year in Freelancing and to keep up and be ready for anything, (because as you know, there can be a … Read more

Contena – A Review


I have noticed a common denominator, many sites that play the medium between freelancers and businesses needing freelancers are charging higher rates while overall rates being paid by outsourcers on these websites seem to be diminishing. To be quite honest, I seldom bid on freelance jobs at places such as Upwork and I will not work at content generation sites like Textbrokers… And don’t even mention creating an account at … Read more

Disgruntled With Textbrokers


As a freelance writer, some of my original work was done through Textbrokers. I must admit that I liked the platform. But, I felt the pay was much too low for the quality of material provided. I found myself slowly walking past this site as I gained regular clients and had no need to work for pay far below my expertise. Discovering I Needed Help Catching Up I found that … Read more

Finding High Quality Freelancers: The Top 7 Methods

high quality freelancers

While many of the posts on this website are geared towards freelancers, I wanted to give some tips to clients that are looking for freelancers to outsource some of their work to. I am sure the majority of clients want the best quality possible, so I am going to share 7 of the top methods to find high quality freelancers. Before I get started though, I must mention that you … Read more

Have You Been To Xplace?


How has your experience been in finding freelance clients? How do you go about finding clients? On Lancer Life, I have shared multiple websites that you can use to find clients and I realized that I had left one out. I apologize Matan and Allon. They are the founders of Xplace. A wonderful website providing many opportunities for freelancer to find jobs and businesses to outsource jobs. And they are … Read more

Welcome To Your Independence – Free eBook Review


Knowing my goal to help everyday people understand how to become successful freelancers, my friend Andrew Ward over at AND CO contacted me with their latest creation. “Hey Greg, we knew you would like to review this, so here is a free download of our latest eBook: Welcome To Your Independence. Knowing the great work AND CO does with and for freelancers, I immediately agreed to download the book, but … Read more

15 Apps Freelance Writers Should Use

Freelancing is a busy business. Between getting work done, making new contacts, cataloging invoices and payments, and finding time to have a life, freelance writing isn’t for the faint of heart – or the unorganized. Luckily, the use of apps can make the entire freelancing process a little easier. Here are 15 of the best apps that freelance writers should be using: 1. Evernote Evernote is a powerhouse for keeping … Read more

Reviewing ContentMart

content mart

As a freelance writer and a person managing 2 websites, I know that the content within those websites is ultra-important. I need a ContentMart to keep up. I recently happened upon a website that is beneficial for website owners, blog managers as well as freelancers looking to build their reputation and portfolio. The name of this website is ContentMart ContentMart is an India based content provider system. I studied their … Read more

Add Freelance Value With Simplilearn


Lancerlife is affiliated with this company. As such, we do earn a commission on sales made when clicking through and purchasing products or services. The Value of Simplilearn The price we charge is consistent with the value we offer. Clients do look closely at a freelancer’s education and experience. If we are able to demonstrate a higher value, we can charge higher rates and clients will be happy to pay … Read more

Reviewing Upwork

Upwork Before I start on this review of Upwork, I must admit that I am a person who hates change. Personally, I am of an “old school” thought pattern that if something is working…Don’t fix it. But, I have had to learn to accept change, especially when I have no control over some changes. After all…. I was once told a wise statement: The only thing we can truly change … Read more

Why You Will Not Find Me On Fiverr

Oransi Max HEPA Air Purifier I just say no to Fiverr As an internet business, I commend Fiverr. I believe they are doing well. Why??? Because clients want things cheap, and that is why you will not find me working through Fiverr. As an established and talented freelancer, You normally will not find me doing any jobs for $5….unless you want 2 sentences. I believe that many of the freelancers … Read more Scam Site

Scam The website allowed me to post articles I have written. they would mark them up and sell them. I had installed a variety of articles in and 3 of them have sold. On 5/19, I requested a payout. Ghostbloggers have not paid and they have ignored all communication. I have searched out the articles and the people who bought them. I have explained the situation. Ghostbloggers have now … Read more

Embracing Criticism

Admit it: criticism sucks! Personally, I hate it when I feel like my work is being critiqued, but I have learned to not only accept criticism, but I have also come to embrace it. The way I look at it, there are just a few courses of action you can take when it comes to criticism: Don’t do anything you can be critiqued for…hmm, that must mean die. Quit before … Read more

Reviewing Interact Media:Known As Zerys

Interact Media Interact Media, or Zerys is a website that businesses can order articles through. I have been writing for Zerys for about 3 years and overall, I have been happy. A business or individual will ask for an article of a certain length and you can grab it. The business often asks for certain keywords or phrases to be installed in prime locations for SEO reasons. When you submit … Read more

Free Audio Book For Some In England

Isolist Standard 10-user pack FREE For A Review Not long ago, an actor and I worked together in the creation of an audio book from an already published book I have: Puertorriquenos Who Served With Guts, Glory and Honor. To get some reviews on the United Kingdom Audible outlet, I am offering a few FREE downloads of this audio book. Listen to this sample that Maxwell Zener (The Narrator) made: … Read more

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