6 Ways To Supplement Your Variable Income

supplement your variable income

When I first started freelance writing, I was riding the income carnival ride. And I am sure many of you are in the same situation. Especially if you are getting a lot of one-time freelance jobs. There are those weeks when you have money falling out of your wallet… Can we say, “A round for the house!” And on other occasions, we are begging, borrowing but hopefully we haven’t bowed … Read more

The 7 Best Ways To Keep Freelance Clients Satisfied

keep freelance clients satsified

The key to repeat business in your freelance business is keeping clients satisfied. It is not always easy, but there are methods and means to do so. Without bragging too much, I do have several satisfied clients who seem to keep me filled with constant tasks. So, I am doing something right. I have taken a close look at why my clients are satisfied and I have decided to share … Read more

9 Tips To Attract Freelance Clients

attract freelance clients

As a freelancer your ultimate goal is having clients and making money. I have had freelancers from all walks ask me how I attract clients. I must admit that it isn’t a subject that I dwell on because I have been busy working on the tasks I have been contracted for. But, I decided to look deep into the freelance client attraction subject in an effort to help my fellow … Read more

How To Write Superb Marketing Content: 7 Tips

superb marketing content

The majority of freelance writing gigs I perform are marketing content. The goal is to Have the reader give their contact information Entice the reader to click into an affiliate ad Or have the reader purchase something But you cannot use tactics that a door-to-door salesman, a telemarketer or one of those “wild-eyed” people standing in the center zone of the local mall use. No, excellent marketing content carries a … Read more

Finding High Quality Freelancers: The Top 7 Methods

high quality freelancers

While many of the posts on this website are geared towards freelancers, I wanted to give some tips to clients that are looking for freelancers to outsource some of their work to. I am sure the majority of clients want the best quality possible, so I am going to share 7 of the top methods to find high quality freelancers. Before I get started though, I must mention that you … Read more

When You Buy You Could Sell: Getting Clients From Online Purchases

clients from sales

At this point in my freelance career, I have no shortage of clients. I was telling one of my favorite clients that I was extremely overloaded with work and he proceeded to tell me to raise my rates. “If they want to buy the best, they have to pay the price,” he said as he told me he would now pay me more for the work I did for him. … Read more

Write Stories For Sales


As a freelance writer, I am often asked by clients what is the best copy to instill buying emotions in their website visitors. The answer is always the same for each and every client that asks me that question: Tell stories! Online Course Accessible 24/7 Name one person who doesn’t like a good story; or even a bad story… People are adapted to listen to stories and to make judgments … Read more

Words: They Can Make Or Break Sales


What is he or she has that I don’t? Why are they getting sales and I am using the same system and getting nothing? Sales are your lifeblood There can be a variety of reasons that sales are not flowing for you and they are for others. Sometimes it may be your attitude. It could be your level of confidence. Or you may be coming across desperate. But a common … Read more

Gaining More Freelance Writing Clients During the Holiday Season

holiday season

When you are making a living by freelance writing for clients, you need to make sure that you are taking every possible opportunity to gain new clients. The holiday season is a great opportunity for you to find new clients who need quality writing services. Gaining these new clients can be easy if you know the right way to address new clients. Building a portfolio can be very important when … Read more

The Biggest Website Question I Am Asked

website needs

Updated With Some Important Information For The Visually Impaired I was recently contacted about a review that is focusing on people with visual impairments… If you are facing challenges with your vision but you still want to start a website or a blog, you really want to go check out this review from Who Is Hosting This: The Best Web Hosting of 2017 Do I Need a Website? In our … Read more

Your Business Needs The Como Advantage

There is a business that can greatly help your business succeed in the mobile world. It is called Como. The Como App Maker Let me first say that mobile is the new thing. Just take a look at people as you are out and view how many of them are staring at their smartphones and tablets. We are a part of the mobile generation, and your business can thrive from … Read more

The Key To Business Success: Quality


Learn how business quality management can solve your woes One of the primary questions of many business people is: Which is best, quality or quantity? Dare we say: both are best, but quality should always take the driver’s seat. The best advice that can be given any struggling business is that developing stronger business quality management can solve many of the issues. For businesses that are not ISO certified, using … Read more

Create Compelling Content By Telling Stories

compelling stories, stories

Mead® Large Supply Pouch – School accessories Content that tells and sells You have a product to sell, and/or a service to offer. You develop a great looking website and a Facebook page. Business comes, but not in the amount you had expected or hoped for. The experts told you to have content on your website and to change it regularly. This goes for social media too; you were told … Read more

How Your Business Benefits By Using Freelance Writers

design a professional clickable image ad for you to post on craigslist backpage Helping Your Business Thrive When a person really takes a close look at the operations of any business, the realization that words are a large part of the everyday activities comes to light. It can be as simple as paperwork for taxes or blog posts and website content. The words may get more technical in nature when … Read more

Tasks Your Business Should Outsource

Wise Business Outsourcing With the level of today’s technology, it just makes good sense that a business uses all the available resources in managing all the tasks that their business requires. There are certain tasks your business should outsource. In today’s blog post, we will examine the business tasks that outsourcing has become a common utilized resource. Website Design   Why would any business attempt to design a website when … Read more

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