47 Great Freelance Writer Resources

As a freelance writer, I am always on the hunt for freelance writer resources that can make my job easier and help me provide the highest quality work possible. In an effort to help my fellow freelance writers, I have decided to share 47 resources that I have found to be helpful. Some may be educational, while others may be software, equipment or other tools that have made my job … Read more

8 Smart Investments For Freelancers


All businesses must make smart investments. If not, they are surely doomed. For freelancers, it is no different. Some people may assume that freelancing is a hobby, and I guess for some individuals, that is true. But for the majority of freelancers, the work we do is a business. So, we must also make smart investments to help our business grow. In this post, I am going to share 8 … Read more

Your Business Needs The Como Advantage

There is a business that can greatly help your business succeed in the mobile world. It is called Como. The Como App Maker Let me first say that mobile is the new thing. Just take a look at people as you are out and view how many of them are staring at their smartphones and tablets. We are a part of the mobile generation, and your business can thrive from … Read more

Freshbooks: A Tool Every Freelancer Should Have


Over 5 million people use FreshBooks to make billing painless Why You Should Have Freshbooks [ig_notice color=”green”]I am affiliated with Freshbooks. I am writing this post because I believe in their products, but do know that any purchases through this website does earn me a slight commission[/ig_notice] Freshbooks is one tool that every freelancer should have. As a matter of fact, every business should use the great software that Freshbooks … Read more

Why Every Freelancer Needs Skype


Skype is a useful freelance tool I regularly follow several other freelance writers. It is a great way to learn some tips and tricks of the trade. While I believe I am the best writer, they do have wisdom that I can learn from. One of these people is a world-renowned writer by the name of Bob Bly. I normally agree with the vast amount of opinions Bob has, but … Read more

Free Tools For Freelancers

Free Tools & Software For Freelancers While your freelancing business will require some investments, there are some tools and software that are free that can be quite useful. I am sharing some of the free tools I utilize that has greatly helped me with my freelancing business. These are in no particular order. Scroll down and find the tools that can help you. Libre Office I have been extremely happy … Read more

Helpful Software And Tools For Freelancers & Outsourcers

I know that as freelancers, we often need software to aid us in our work. I have done some research and found a huge variety of various software tools that can help you, and many are also helpful to those of you who are outsourcing. Some of these come with free trials so you can try them out before you decide. Scroll down and see what can help you in … Read more

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