Writers Work Review – An All In One Source For Freelancers

writers work

As a seasoned freelancer, I have tried and tested various systems and content factories. Some have been good, but a lot have been absolutely terrible. And recently I came upon Writers Work. Described to me as a website where freelancers have everything they need to “up their game.” Hmmm, skeptical person that I am, I decided to test this new website out. And I have even interviewed the developer, Mark … Read more

Website is a Must-Have Tool for Boosting Freelancing Business

Guest Post By Raghabendra Pradhan When you work as a freelancer, getting new clients is the challenge that you face in your early days. This is quite common with most freelancers because credibility in the initial stage of your career is questionable. Once you pass this testing phase, you can have a shy of relief, as getting new projects become comparatively easier for you. For a newcomer, a website can … Read more

6 Tips To Drive Your Content Higher In Search Engines

drive your content higher

Whether you are a freelance writer, a blogger or an entrepreneur, it is safe to say that you want to drive your content higher in search engine results. SEO is not simple, but there are some great tips and tricks that can help you take your content that is on the 5th page of Google search and drive it to the 1st page. The algorithms used by Google, Yahoo and … Read more

Disgruntled With Textbrokers


As a freelance writer, some of my original work was done through Textbrokers. I must admit that I liked the platform. But, I felt the pay was much too low for the quality of material provided. I found myself slowly walking past this site as I gained regular clients and had no need to work for pay far below my expertise. Discovering I Needed Help Catching Up I found that … Read more

10 Tips To Succeed From Successful Freelancers

successful freelancers

No matter what anyone tells you, freelancing is not easy. I believe that first and foremost, freelancing is a misnomer in that, we are not free… But some people think we are. There is also a common misconception that our life is full of doing what we want when we want. That may be true for some “so called” freelancers, but not this guy. When a person starts freelancing full-time, … Read more

Steps I Used For Success At Freelance Writing


What is freelance writing success? Wow, I just watched the short intro video I made and I have suddenly realized I am getting old. But does age stop a person? Does it slow a person down? Not this guy! I have shared the story as to how I started into freelancing, but I have never shared the complete steps I used to get to the success level I am at. … Read more

Have You Been To Xplace?


How has your experience been in finding freelance clients? How do you go about finding clients? On Lancer Life, I have shared multiple websites that you can use to find clients and I realized that I had left one out. I apologize Matan and Allon. They are the founders of Xplace. A wonderful website providing many opportunities for freelancer to find jobs and businesses to outsource jobs. And they are … Read more

11 Organizations And/Or Groups For Freelancers


Freelancers are naturally independent people. That’s the very reason most of you work for yourselves. It’s important, however, for freelancers to network with others of a similar mindset and lifestyle. Freelance organizations offer benefits for those making their own way. These benefits include providing the most current information in the specific areas in which freelancers work and facilitating network opportunities that could benefit you down the road. Here are 11 … Read more

Survival For You And For Me

Every once in awhile I run across something exceptional on the internet, and that is what happened just recently. I saw this cool infographic and in communicating with my new friend Connor, he agreed to let me share it with LancerLife readers. So, here is an introduction from Connor (David) followed by the infographic, and be sure and visit their website over at My Kind Of Monday. How to Survive … Read more

The Biggest Website Question I Am Asked

website needs

Updated With Some Important Information For The Visually Impaired I was recently contacted about a review that is focusing on people with visual impairments… If you are facing challenges with your vision but you still want to start a website or a blog, you really want to go check out this review from Who Is Hosting This: The Best Web Hosting of 2017 Do I Need a Website? In our … Read more

Build Your Freelance Website With These 16 Resources

16 resources to build a website

I was recently contacted by a professional website designer who also shares his knowledge with us website building amateurs. Robert Mening owns and manages WebsiteSetup.org, and he shared a case study he recently performed that was quite enlightening. I suggest you take a look: Website Builders? I signed up with them, here’s what I found out.. And John Stevens writing over at Hosting Facts helps us out with the latest … Read more

Reviewing ContentMart

content mart

As a freelance writer and a person managing 2 websites, I know that the content within those websites is ultra-important. I need a ContentMart to keep up. I recently happened upon a website that is beneficial for website owners, blog managers as well as freelancers looking to build their reputation and portfolio. The name of this website is ContentMart ContentMart is an India based content provider system. I studied their … Read more

47 Great Freelance Writer Resources

As a freelance writer, I am always on the hunt for freelance writer resources that can make my job easier and help me provide the highest quality work possible. In an effort to help my fellow freelance writers, I have decided to share 47 resources that I have found to be helpful. Some may be educational, while others may be software, equipment or other tools that have made my job … Read more

Add Freelance Value With Simplilearn


Lancerlife is affiliated with this company. As such, we do earn a commission on sales made when clicking through and purchasing products or services. The Value of Simplilearn The price we charge is consistent with the value we offer. Clients do look closely at a freelancer’s education and experience. If we are able to demonstrate a higher value, we can charge higher rates and clients will be happy to pay … Read more

Top 16 Strategies to Boost Blog Traffic

16 strategies to boost

guest post by Dennis Muigai All websites and blogs are repeatedly looking for new ways to boost blog traffic. There are thousands of blogs out there that only have a few thousand visitors a month yet they post frequently and employ simple SEO techniques. What are they lacking? You may ask yourself, but the answer to this question is not simple. Over the years, big minds in the blogging and … Read more

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