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As a freelancer, one of my primary job functions is performing research. Below, we will look at a number of questions asked from readers like you and we will answer those questions.

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Question #1

What do I do if a client doesn’t pay their bill?

This can be a problem. Much of it depends on what type of work you supplied them with. I recently had a situation where a client didn’t want to pay, and I had provided that client with a plethora of articles. I had contracted the client through Elance, so their great service put it into mediation. In the meantime, I proceeded to put those articles online in different locations. By doing so, I was asserting my copyright. Until that client pays, you own the copyright on the works. Now, you can sue them, but is it worth the expense? The main thing is…cut off that client and post a noticeable review of them so other freelancers will be aware of their shady business dealings.

Question #2

A client told me my bid was too high and they would only pay 1/2 of what I was asking. Should I take it?

The first question you need to ask yourself is, do I need the work? You also need to look deep inside and consider if the time you invest in the project is worth what you will be paid. One thing I have learned is that if a client knows you will work cheap, they will keep using you. I don’t mean using you in the business sense, but using you like they have a fish on a hook. If you do take the job, it would be wise to state that you are doing it because you value their repeat business, and that you normally do not work that cheap, but to demonstrate your ability, you will this one time.

Question #3

I have an over abundance of work and it will be difficult to meet deadlines. Is it wise to outsource?

Absolutely! But, always check outsourced work to guarantee that it is to your expectations. Do not send something to a client without making sure it is as good as you would have sent.


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