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Many years ago, Knights would sell their services to monarchies that would pay the highest price for their services. A Knight had many tools, These included:

  • A horse
  • A sword
  • Armor
  • A mace
  • A flail
  • And more

But one weapon that many Knights were quite known for was the Lance. It is a long stick-like weapon that had a razor sharp tip. A Knight would use this weapon while they were on their horse riding at break-neck speeds. The Knights who would sell their services became known as Freelancers. That term has become highly used in this era of time.

Freelancers today

Many people have found that freelancing can be very lucrative. Some freelancers, like myself, have committed their lives to full time, whereas others do it on a part time basis. When a person mentions the word freelancer, many consider those of us who perform writing services. Freelancing can encompass many different talents and skills. If a person sells any talent they have on an outsourcing basis, they are freelancing. Some of the most common freelancing jobs are:

  • Writing and translation
  • Web programming and IT
  • Website design
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Business administration
  • Art
  • Law
  • Accounting and finance management
  • And more

My reasoning behind starting this website/blog is to help others understand many aspects of freelancing. I will be posting on many facets of this business to help any who may be considering freelancing, and also to help those who are looking to hire a freelancer. Feel free to roam around the website and learn. I will be offering low priced aids also, along with other items of interest for freelancers and those who are contracting freelancers. If you have a question, or something you would like to see here, just leave a comment, or contact me and I will do my best to provide what you desire. Be sure and subscribe too so you can stay abreast of all the latest posts. Zerys - The Content MarketPlace

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